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Charles Le, The Beverly Hills Real Estate Broker That Sold Over 600 Properties

With over 600 sold properties in his currier, Charles has earned his reputation of top producer and serious real estate broker. To put that in better prospective, an average realtor in U.S. sells 6 properties per Year, compared to Charles, who had years where he sold over 100 properties per year.

What are the secrets behind that? What is the magic formula? Does Charles belong to a real estate family, like most top realtors, and they claim the success of their family as their own, or Charles has to offer something unique? None of the above. Perhaps best is to examine how Charles started his currier of real estate broker. First, he earned Degree as Civil Engineer and started working at California Department of Transportation, soon after he was promoted few times, until he reached a high-level position in noticeably short time. The challenges at CalTrans were not enough for Charles, he wanted to achieve more, and he started as part time real estate broker. Soon after he was exceeding as realtor, Charles opened his own real estate office in Beverly Hills, where he grew as top producer, and he is presently located.

What really made Charles to reach the top in short time are his qualities of hard working, paying attention to details, dedicated to clients and their needs, result oriented, and never stop until closing the deal.

Charles indicates it seems these days there is an ever-present need to be more conscious about how we are living and spending our money. With the Global Pandemic that devastated the world, things can seem so uncertain. Many people have turned to downsizing, gaining roommates, or even moving in with family. That is why now, more than ever, we need to make sure that our home is purposeful and even multi-functional.

Charles believes that homes should be a special place where people regenerate, nourish their ambitions, and live happily. He was sure to mention that “a happy life is a healthy life”. With common facts proving that humans are happy and healthier when relaxed, it is hard to argue Charles’ logic.

Media Contact:

Company: BB Investment Holding

Contact name: Bobby Borisov


Phone: +1 (310) 498-4989

Address: 9454 Wilshire Blvd #600, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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