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The Rebirth of the Borjigins: the Peace Ambassador for Eurasian-American Cooperation

Steven Harold Jorchen Borjigin, the 36th generation descent of the Great Khan, whose empire has united the Eurasian geopolitical landscape in the 13th century. 

As the most current claimant to the throne, Steven Harold Jorchen Borjigin has devoted his life to cultural diplomacy, intercultural dialogues, and the promotion of Eurasian heritage. 

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Formally received by H.H. 41st Sakya Trizin, one of the highest Tibetan Buddhist throne holders, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prince Steve has been working tirelessly to bridge the religious, cultural, and political legacies of all faiths and traditions. 

To revive the legacy of his forefathers, Steven Harold Jorchen Borjigin plans to have his affiliations across Europe, China and the United States. Consistent with what President Xi remarked during his trip to Central Asia back in 2019: “The silk road has established a model of a new type of state-to-state relations featuring mutual respect, equal cooperation, and mutual benefit in the international community. President Xi Jinping pointed out that a model of friendly cooperation between countries of different systems, civilizations and scales has been established in the international community. In today’s world, protectionism and unilateralism continue to rise, the Cold War trend of thought is resurgence, the “clash of civilizations” dregs are emerging, and various acts of bullying have severely impacted the current international system and norms of international relations”. 

Based in New York, Steven Harold Jorchen Borjigin believes US can also take a leading role in this intercultural cooperation. As a crucial member and partner for the Eurasian regional stability, US has devoted enormous efforts in assuring the democratic transitions of the region.

The need of engagement on both the cultural and psychological level will assure the stability of peace and meaningful cooperation.  Steven Harold Jorchen Borjigin believes the future world should not be bounded by the traditional state-to-state system, but a joint effort of all cultures and nations to overcomes the limitations of our resource and ideological limitations.  

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