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Title: Habeeb Opeyemi Kazeem (CaZe aka CaZe Montana)promise to take Afro beats to the next level

Who is CaZe?

CaZe aka CaZe Montana- real name Habeeb Opeyemi Kazeem is a multi talented artiste, song writer and executive producer at Fresh Movement Inc.  (FMINC), a label outfit he formed in ****. CaZe is currently the president of Indomitable Kings of Africa ( IKA Gang )

Background, Education, Family? 

Born June 28, 1988 in Lagos, Nigeria, CaZe started his education in the city of Lagos Nigeria before moving to Ondo where he finished his secondary education. He owns a degree in Multimedia from the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University in Malaysia. 

How did CaZe find music? 

Music has always been part of his frame since he can remember. From writing lyrics and performing for his friends in high school, he’d would actually get girls by writing love songs about them. He started recording professionally sometimes around 2011 while working with producers like KSolo, Micah and Sarz. He now has a lot of great records to his name which can be found on YouTube, Google or on

When did CaZe make music a career? 

He decided to pursue music fully when he got signed to FMINC in 2013, a move he says totally changed his life.

Define CaZe’s sound in a few words? 

He’s extremely versatile & has no objection on jumping on any beat, though a number of his sounds fall under ‘Afro Pop’.

How influential has the community been on CaZe’s career?

As an artist, he’s one that enjoys doing things his own way and he’s grateful to God that he’s always had great support with respect to doing what he wants but still watching the likes of Burna Boy, Wizkid and the other guys do great things inspire him to do and achieve more. The influence has been positive.

Any plans to move to Lagos permanently?

 If not, what’s stopping you? 

He actually lives in Ikoyi in Lagos Nigeria but he rarely stays there.

Any Upcoming projects? 

He’ll be releasing a single with Indomitable Kings of Africa(IKA Gang) titled “CONFIRM”on the ninth of April 2021. That’s one of the many releases he’s planned for the foreseeable future. Also, his debut album is in the works scheduled to drop in 2022.

How was his experience working with A-list artists? 

Working with several A-list artistes and producers has really been a great experience for him. Most of the time, the guys he’s worked with were actually the ones that reached out to him & got to work in the studio. He believes his talent makes everything easier to happen. CaZe is a superstar himself so it makes everything easy for him, last time Grammy award winning artist Burna Boy was on radio speaking about one of CaZe’s music, they asked him what song he was feeling and all he could sing was CaZe’s music, they later met up and did some work together.

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