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The Future of Educational Innovation and Student Creativity

SpecGraphixEDU (SGEDU) is an education/technology start-up based in Boston.  The goal of SGEDU is to fill the creative gap in traditional elementary education – changing the lives of children and changing expectations about school. Our focus in the classroom is on innovation and enabling students’ creativity throughout the learning process.

SGEDU offers in-person, as well as online creativity-based classes that are educational as well as fun.  The growing roster of classes which include Video Production, Engineering, Coding, Marketing, Business, Art, and Graphic Design.

Classes are accessible to students with learning challenges, as well as foreign language speakers.  With our unique classroom innovations, students demonstrate significantly stronger results at the end of the program than in other programs. Classes are less expensive than leading competitors, and there is a 100% money back guarantee.  Financial aid is available to qualifying families.  

SpecGraphixEDU was awarded the #1 most innovative education company of 2021 by Kidazzler, a free parenting platform built by parents for parents.  SGEDU has also been praised by Startup Boston, Boston University’s Build Lab for Entrepreneurship, and Emerson College.  Testimony includes professors from the BU Questrom Business School and the BU College of Communications.  Partnerships include the Public Schools of Brookline MA, The Calculus Project, The Chinese Culture Connection, and more.

Founder and CEO, Eric Cody Hansen, explains his vision by looking to the past as well as the future.  He looks back to 1910, when we rode horses in the streets and students met in a schoolhouse classroom with a teacher lecturing in the front of the class.  Students raised their hand if they had a question.  The quality of schools across the country varied substantially, as did state education laws.  Over the course of a century, the US economy had changed from agrarian to industrial and educators had been changing education to better prepare students for the industrial society.  However, Hansen suggests that in 2020-21, there are 1.4 billion cars on the road worldwide, many even environmentally-friendly electric.  But schools have not kept pace with the progress made in so many other arenas like transport.   

Hansen asks how this is possible, and questions whether US public schools are sufficiently preparing students to be creators and innovators – skills that will be increasingly important in the 21st century.

The SGEDU classroom focus is on innovation and enabling student creativity. This focus and the ongoing expansion of in-house technologies is definitely outside the traditional education box.  A key example is lectures that utilize  an engaging animated cartoon. The cartoon replaces the traditional scripted lecture, and teaches students the foundational elements they need as they move on to unleashing and applying their creativity under the leadership and nurturing of the teacher. This not only keeps the quality of the classes consistent across schools and across the internet, but also keeps the material consistent so all students can reach the same level of aptitude.

In addition, SGEDU has an enormous amount of custom software, intellectual property, and pedagogy innovations.  The biggest innovations include the FukoBot which is an instructional chat bot to assist students.  It works 100% offline and is COPPA compliant.  The Superstars cartoon that replaces the traditional lecture for a more engaging and consistent learning experience. The Advanced Green Screen Engine, or Av, is a CGI software for kids allowing them to drag and drop 3D dinosaurs, tornados, and over 600 other effects on top of any video.  SGEDU Grow is a QR Code software that tracks student performance so teachers and aides can ensure that all students are keeping up with the class.  The SGEDU Foreign Language Assisted Learning (FLAL) is a special curriculum and built-in feature for all SGEDU Software which currently supports native Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish-speaking students. The list goes on. 

SpecGraphixEDU is one way of helping to educate students and through technology, unleash their creativity.   Any family, around the world, can sign up for classes on the SpecGraphixEDU website at

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