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Prot2ect and the World’s Number one Oxygen Source

According to scientists, oceans are responsible for producing more than 70% of the earth’s oxygen. The massive amounts of oxygen are produced from the oceanic plankton, drifting algae, kelp plants, and other bacteria that photosynthesize to give oxygen as a byproduct.

Ironically, much of the produced oxygen is consumed by marine life. Marine species rely on oxygen to breathe, with even the dead sea animals and plants depending on oxygen to decompose. The problem arises when massive algae bloom dies in the ocean because they require vast amounts of oxygen for decomposition. These events have led to ocean dead zones’ creation due to the low oxygen levels that can barely support marine life. This trend has posed a challenge to marine life, and scientists call for immediate ocean conservation actions to salvage the situation.

Pro2tec Ocean Conservation Company is at the forefront to champion the restoration of the ocean’s former glory. With their activities mainly based in Maui, Hawaii, the company is focused on conducting regular sea cleans relying on donor funds. Recently, they completed a successful 3-month one-day-a-week clean-up program of the coral reef along south Maui beach, salvaging over 200lbs of ocean garbage. The company is focused on sensitizing the general public on how they can involve themselves in the exercise either through the donation of funds or by actively participating in clean-up programs as volunteers. Their first programs’ success goes a long way to show how a majority are willing to protect and conserve mother nature.

Below are some activities to help protect the most significant oxygen source from further damage.

  1. Reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions are known to be responsible for the increased climate changes that result in global warming. Being mindful of the energy usage at homes and workplaces can go a great mile in minimizing climate change that affects the oceans. Sometimes taking a walk and leaving the car at home reduces carbon emissions.

  1. Reduce plastic usage.

Plastic takes ages to decompose and is known for its habitat’s destructive nature that can be hazardous to both land and marine lives. To curb this, Pro2tect encourages reusable or recyclable plastics or adopts the use of non-plastic materials to reduce the plastic garbage that makes its way to the oceans.

  1. Take care of the beach.

Regardless of your interest in the oceans, always ensure to cleanup after yourself. Discover and appreciate the waters without harming the ocean’s natural ecosystem.

  1. Choose sustainable seafood

The increased demand for seafood across the established seafood markets has led to the exploitation of the fish species. Overfishing destroys the marine ecosystem creating an imbalance, making the waters inhabitable for marine life affecting oxygen production from the oceans. By choosing to consume meat from the less endangered ocean species, you will be safeguarding the marine ecosystem.

  1. Avoid products obtained directly from the oceans.

People should avoid products such as coral jewelry and tortoise shells as they are directly sourced from the oceans. Their absence from the waters affects coral reefs and marine life in general.

  1. Support initiatives to protect and conserve the ocean

Many institutions and organizations have devoted themselves to preserving the oceans, such as the Pro2tect Ocean Conservation Company. The majority of them are non-profit that rely on donor funds. They appreciate any form of support that will come their way.

Despite the ocean conservation companies’ efforts to protect the world’s number one oxygen source, everyone’s participation is required. Contribute or spread the awareness of the need to conserve the oceans and support non-profits such Pro2tect company in order to secure a better future for our oceans and our planet.

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