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Men’s style guide: Raimondo Rossi.

This week we met Raimondo Rossi, also known as Ray Morrison, who recently had a big rise worldwide, loved for his stylish persona and innovative photography. Raimondo was named “one of the 10 men to watch for men’s style” by the newspaper of record NZZ and “one of the most original authors in the whole field” by Rolling Stone Italy. In a few days Ray is going to hit the stores across the US as the Cover man of the new issue of Compulsive NYC.

Raimondo, can you tell us what you do? 

Hello guys, first of all it’s my big honor to be in the Los Angeles Tribune. Thanks. I’d say that I’m an art lover that expresses himself in fashion and photography. In styling, I love to be creative and blend all the styles to create cool combinations, with no rules: from dandy style to hip hop style. And this creativity has been loved by GQ, Vogue and The New York Times, they all posted photos of mine. As a photographer, I do love inclusivity and no-photoshop, and always apply this point of view in portraiture and fashion photo-reporting. In my gallery in Vogue you can see some examples.

When did you know you wanted to do this? Did anyone inspire to go into this field?

Nope! I went to take some classes in photography, after college where Istudied mathematics and I got invited to fashion events and started to do reporting for some British magazines. When I went to the events well-dressed, the photographers of some magazines noticed me, and my style started to be praised in several magazines. My persona got a big visibility. Now I love to be in the field. I think fashion and photography need simple people who are more genuine.

What you did before ?

I finished my studies in mathematics and ran the activities of my parents, teaching in some driving schools. This helped me a lot to overcome my shyness and taught me to love being around lots of people.

What struggles along the way did you face?

Oh! A lot of people were saying: “That’s not your field”, “You have no talent” and so on. You know how people can be mean. I’ve always been myself and never followed any rules in fashion or photography and here I am: next week I’m going to be on the Cover of Compulsive, chosen for my art and style, and I’m really happy! Go find my story on stands! Barnes & Noble and Book a Million stores! Also in our beloved LA!

What did you do to change/adapt to become successful?

I stopped listening to haters and negative people. The fashion industry can be really mean, I stopped listening to everyone and worked hard. Now I’m also the editor in chief of a new magazine and I can give space to real talents.

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

I would start earlier and I would travel more. Traveling gives you so many chances to grow and meet mentors. I had to do it alone and nothing has been easy.

 What is your next big goal with your career?

I would love to meet Ellen and create with her a beautiful thing for her show. I am a big fan of her and she has exactly the vibes I adore.

 How you can help or final words of advice for other people with similar goals?

Be yourself, clean your mind, listen to the art and creativity inside you and start working to give voice to everything you have in your heart. Don’t listen to people who say you are no-one and you can’t have success. A big hi to all the Los Angeles Tribune readers, thanks for this meeting and love to u all!

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