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Feeling the Urge?

The trials of Csaba Nemeth.

In my early twenties during the late 1980s I decided to travel across America when Communism collapsed in Hungary. My friends and family felt that I would go there as a refugee and never return. Funnily enough I lived it hard using only jam and bread with a bottle of diet coke. Travelling on a budget would not be attractive to most but this way I was able to go coast to coast despite my limited funds. I had 600 dollars and manged to visit all major attractions within 67 days utilising an all-night bus in order to sleep every night. From Montreal to Key West and then to Acapulco. From there I went to California, Utah just to name a few.

Then shocking those who thought I would never return I arrived in Hungary. The free market was open, and everybody had a chance to make a name for themselves after the restrictions of the Bolsheviks were lifted. My opportunity came within the furniture sector, after learning from a friend who was waiting six months for a furniture supplier to deliver items to him, I decided to exploit the situation for my personal gain. I approached the manufacturer who allowed me to take any thing with no limitations on quantity from their catalogue immediately at trade cost. Given the fact I was self-employed I was able to relish this especially as I did not have to settle any invoices for the first month after purchase.

A simple formula allowed me to undercut all other furniture suppliers leaving me with a ridiculous leverage. Not only was there profit to be made but I was able to provide a service that other shops were unable to by reducing the wait time for the end user to a number of days as opposed to months. Business tycoons always state you must seek a unique selling point, mine certainly was. However, as it is always the way easy come easy go. My gains were hampered somewhat by the lifestyle that I and most of my friends (largely thanks to me) became accustomed to. We spent literally every night in the local Strip Club often leaving with some of the ladies who were also very much interested in making sure I spent all my money even after closing hours.

One lady took my interest to a relatively high point, I can make that assumption as indeed I married her. Whilst it was a marriage of convenience for her it helped me with the inconvenience that I was suffering. She was a Russian national who began her career on the stage so to speak as Theatre Actress in Moscow she needed to travel outside of Hungary every month due to her visa status. Not only was this consuming time but it also cost me large amounts of money which I am sure was the initial basis of our relationship.

When you are up fair-weather friends are not hard to find. I travelled across the world this time not on a budget. I took with me some Hungarian hopefuls for the Open Water Swimming Races World Cup. North & South America, Europe and North Africa were among the places where I went, usually in the summer for around three months per trip. Women, alcohol and gambling were my pass times all which are never a sure bet. Naturally the fortune I was earning was not able to sustain the lifestyle that I was living. The final nail in my financial coffin was repeated robberies carried out by a Gypsy organisation that recruited underaged gang members. The operated with impunity as they were too young to be prosecuted. Gambling was bad enough but atleast you have a chance of winning, the insurance company however refused to cover my losses. This is what to expect when you are not living in the West. Such policies are in name only and do not actually provide the benefits that they claim.

The next opportunity that presented itself was Memphis in the USA, cleaning rooms in a hotel. Somehow I managed to find myself there and despite this being a menial job and a lower start than what I had in Hungary I worked my way up to Head House Keeper. Not enough to fund the lifestyle I was used to but I was no longer eating jam and bread in America. Then I found myself in New York working for a man who was creating and publishing a weekly Hungarian Magazine ‘The Bridge’. I became the sports editor and the emissary who delivered the paper to Hungarian shops.

One of the most popular Hungarian Nation Sports Water Polo came to the USA for the World Cup Final. I approached the sponsor of this tournament as the sports editor of ‘The Bridge’ who then tasked me with selling 3,000 tickets for the main event. They were very surprised that I managed to sell each and every place as they were not expecting such viewership.

Four years had passed and my American Dream was coming to an end I felt. At this point Hungary was not part of the European Union. Linguistically I only spoke Hungarian and English, with my options limited I tried my hand at the United Kingdom as I continued to live abroad from my motherland.

Nothing is free in this life not even volunteer work, I did not have the money to pay and become a volunteer as funny as that may sound it is reality. There was one organisation in Yorkshire that was offering an opportunity to leaflet door to door as well as charity fundraising. The aim of this task was capture second hand clothes donated from individual families which in turn we sold for profit. The proceeds were used purely to finance a trip for each member abroad to Africa for 6 months’ worth of missionary work. That was how I ended up in Mozambique.

Life in Mozambique was interesting, we took the donated clothing that was not sold and gave it to market traders in the city. The money made from this enterprise allowed us to build schools and other facilities in the deprived areas in villages nearby. Mozambique offered me a short and sweet relationship. This in turn left me with an adopted daughter (my only family) who I have supported for the past sixteen years.

With a child to care for I returned to the UK and began working for an Agency that offered me accommodation in each hotel I was assigned to. My travelling around the world become national to the UK. As I had to combine an income flow with my passion for travel and other cultures I applied for job abroad again in the hospitality sector.

Next stop was Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah was building a number of things in the desert not limited to a University or a golf course. The Bin Laden family were in charge of construction and the Lebanese Presidents family were the Service Provider whom I began work for. I was the Service Manager of the residential area. I was servicing 3,000 houses within their international village that hosted employees from all over the world. This lifestyle was very different to what I had experienced in the West. I was squeezed between the Lebanese Presidential family and the 3,000 Service Users and I felt it was time for a change.

Back in the UK as I loved all sports I took upon a job at Wembley Stadium as their cleaning manager in the hope that I may be able to catch some live action. Unfortunately with 2618 toilets to be cleaned by 300 temporary employees on match day (none of whom spoke English) there was no chance. The most obvious choice with a daughter still to support I went back to the Agency that gave me opportunities all over the UK as a stay in Night Manager. With my best years behind me the abuse that I had given my body eventually caught up with me. In January 2020 I suffered a hernia which uncovered long sustained liver damaged.

For the first time in my life I was incapacitated, chained to a hospital bed and even suffered six operations within a two-week timeframe. I came close to losing my hectic life several times and got some rest eventually even though it was in the form of a coma.

On the road to recovery, I was placed in council flat with an ostomy bag. With my experiences gained through living what I describe as a ‘Jack in the box life’ I decided to create my own TV channel. This was to share sports events with the world and create a platform for those who want to be successful in media. Giving them the chance that I never had and nobody else ever will. Therefore, I conceptualised TV Urge.

What is the main purpose of TV Urge?

I want what I never had to be given to those who do not have it. A chance to realise their dreams on a platform that is totally free for them. The opportunity for stardom should be available to all regardless of their background and personal circumstances. Without finance I managed to create this channel and I would like to share this with world. Not only in terms of viewership but also to allow others to join me in exposure.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge so far has been understanding. Firstly, all my friends do not understand what I am trying to achieve through this TV. Secondly all the preparation work and launch was done by myself and I am struggling with Social Media. This is something I am new to and when I was in business the internet did not exist. Most recently I paid a man to create a mail shot online to 80,000 followers on Twitter and there was not one single click from anyone. The last thing I want is plastic followers which I currently have and they are no good to anyone.

Have you really done everything yourself?

At the age of 57 I have had to reschool myself, learning from the internet how to copy content. It has been trial and error with no help or feedback. I have set this TV up from the ground.

What would you like to see on TV Urge?

I would like to see anyone and anything. This means that we want to place people who do not have a chance to share their performance with the world. For example, a band that cannot play due to lack of publicity or opportunity can record a concert and we can play it on TV Urge. This will give them the exposure they require and content for my channel.

Can people not use Youtube? Is this not the same thing?

Everybody uses Youtube and it is not vetted correctly and if someone is searching it is luck of the draw with the results. Youtube is a Library and TV Urge is like an independent bookshop. Big enough to cope but small enough to care for its people a personalised proposition.

Has anybody come forward yet?

From my previous life I had connections with an Open Water Swimmer who has come forward. He has provided plenty of footage of events that have taken place. With the promise of more to come, we are promoting each other at this stage. He is a Greek National Hero and Club President for Open Water Swimmers.

Are you looking to make people famous? Is this like America Got Talent?

Not necessarily because I want to give everyone an equal chance. For example to break into Hollywood a person has to go to LA, hire an agent and usually they give up when the costs get to high. Unsung talent can often be left to the wayside. With my platform it is 100% free for performers who want exposure and that reduces the liability they may face otherwise. Famous or not this will not be a case of feast or famine as they literally have nothing to lose with me.

This all seems like charity to me. Do you encourage people to be charitable?

Throughout my life I have tried to do for others where I can. Sometimes its good to just be human. In terms of registered charities, I would be happy for them to share their goals on TV Urge. As well as individuals who are trying their own hand at fund raising by taking part in activities which are not just limited to running a marathon for example.

Thank you for your time it has been pleasure speaking to you.

Interviewed : Csaba Nemeth

Interviewer: Khayyam Chudry

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