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Going out with kids in Kuwait during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Amer Aljarrah


A health crisis that quickly turned itself into an economic crisis. To date, the novel disease has encountered more than 200 countries. [1] The pandemic has significantly affected the world’s economy, business, and social life, and Kuwait has no exception. 

Located on the northern edge of Eastern Arabia, Kuwait is a unique country in Asia, having a rich and genuine Arabic heritage. But the widespread of covid-19 has affected thousands of people in Kuwait, including children who have been forced to home study. No doubt it’s the biggest global crisis of our lifetime, and we must protect our children from the devastating impact of covid-19, but we also believe settling our little ones in the new “E-environment” is quite a challenge. The feeling of being locked up brings uncertainty and stress not only to adults but to children as well.


Luckily, in Kuwait, there are several areas where, with proper safety measures, you can gladly take your kids out to nourish their mental health. We hope you will find your visit an amazing opportunity for your little ones, as we did! [3]

Be artistic visit the center of Arts

Drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, are the all-time favorite activities of children. And, to be honest, we all enjoy watching them singing incorrect lyrics, making some new crazy dance moves, and come up with adorable drawings. Well, you can provide your kids an opportunity to channel their creativity by visiting the Center of Arts situated in the Usaimi Complex, Kuwait. It’s a wonderful place where children can outshine their creativity in various artistic fields including drawing, singing, painting, and dancing. Plus, the children get the chance to meet new friends, having similar interests. 

The center of Arts offers facilitators that can guide any session into a fun one. It’s an impressive place to let people appreciate your child’s artistic talent. 

Explore the animal world visit Petzone [4]

One of the nicest things about Kuwait is its love for nature. And what else can be more thought-provoking than visiting a petting zoo with your children? Kids have a special and heartwarming bond with animals and just being near the animals can prove to be a fun learning experience for them. Pet zone Kuwait is just the spot for animal-loving children to have a fun day out. It’s an amazing place to stimulate almost every sense of a child as they see, observe, and interact with animals and learn about the unique attributes of different species. 

 Petzone is place to bring out the kind and exciting side of your kids. It’s a unique experience not just for kids, for the whole family. At the end of the day, you will have a giggling kid with lots of amazing memories, for sure!


Color your life with fun at paintball Kuwait

Let’s face the fact. Children love to involve in something physical. Paintball Kuwait is just the right place to start with. Paintball is a fun game for people of every age around the world. While battling with other teams, you can clearly see your kid thrilled with excitement. Also, there is no need to worry about your kid getting hurt as the guns use paint colors as bullets. Visit paintball Kuwait and treat your kids to an unforgettable physical adventure. 

Have some fun at Infunity

Is your kid a fan of intense kid adventures? We have just the place for you. Infunity is an indoor play area located inside a 360 degree Mall, filled with fun roller coaster rides, Rock climbing areas, video games, flight simulations, bowling, and other fun activities. Plus, Infunity offers activity areas for kids of all age ranges. Visit Infunity and bring joy to the adorable little faces!

Squeeze your creativity at Artspace Studio Café and Gallery

One of the best things about artistry is that it helps the person to see the word in a way full of creativity. It not only calms your mind but also helps to shape a beautiful personality. 

 The next spot on our list is a creative place for the ones who just love to make art. Located at the heart of Salem Al Mubarak Street in Salmiya, Artspace studio is a perfect place to hone your kid’s artistic skills. Not only kids but parents too can squeeze their creativity with the help of art sessions. The place offers everything from a large canvas to your own personal painting instructor. Artspace studio Cafe and Gallery is an excellent place to let art relax your mind for a while.

Explore the nature visit Green Island

Ever wished to try something unique? Wished to visit a place that is soothing and has fresh air for you and your family to breathe in? No doubt nature has its own charm and beauty. Here we have a better way of exploring nature’s glorious side. The Green Island located on the Gulf Road is a great spot for families looking for nature trips and lots of activities to explore. The availability of several restaurants, walkways, bumper boats, trampolines, paddleboards, electronic arcades, and biking trails make it way easier to enjoy a day in the unharmed natural world. 

Enjoy some laugh therapy at the Entertainment City

If you ask a local in Kuwait about their recommendation for you to take your kids out, most likely they will suggest you visit the Entertainment City. Located in the Al Doha area, Entertainment city is one of the largest amusement parks in Kuwait. The place is wonderful to spend a fun day with your family while enjoying the thrill of some classic rides. Your kids can explore American Safari, Future World, International world, Space world, Tour of Europe, and, of course, the Arab world. The children will love this place, and you will love to watch joy spreading on their cute little faces!

Be a Chef for a day at the cute bakery

Got a kid who has a passion for cooking? Take your little chef to the cute bakery in Kuwait. This Bakery is just the spot you need to polish your kid’s culinary arts. Here, your kid can experience cooking, baking, and food decorating under professional supervision. Such a charming and thoughtful way to spend the weekend, don’t you agree?

Discover some Edutainment at the scientific center

Quite often we want our kids to learn something productive from a fun activity. In short term, we wish to have a perfect combination of knowledge and fun. Well, the Scientific Center situated in Salmiya is the answer to your quest. Inherited by the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, the 80000 square meters center includes an aquarium, IMAX theatre, and a Discovery place. The whole place provides an educational environment for its visitors where visitors can participate in interactive exhibits to learn all kinds of stuff about science and the environment. 

Explore the National Museum

Our history is full of glorious events and magnificent achievements. Kuwait’s National Museum located on the Gulf Road is your way to teach the children about the history and culture of Kuwait. We bet your kid will be fascinated by the old Kuwait City. 

Splash at Anjafa beach playground

A new place to run along the Waves! Anjafa beach playground is a new playground in Kuwait. The beachfront ground is fully covered so your little one can have a fun day without worrying about the extreme temperatures. You can have some amusement by riding the carousel or rocking boat. Don’t forget to spend some quality time with your family while building sandcastles.

Think about the environment explore Yarmouk recycled art Park

We all wish to teach our little ones to be mindful of saving the environment. Yarmouk recycled art Park is the right spot to educate your children about recycling and its impact on our environment. The recycled materials turned into art will definitely let your kids know about their contribution to environmental conservation. 

Say hello to the ponies at Messila horse stables

Connecting with the animal kingdom is something that really excites the little ones. Bring the best out of your holiday by visiting Messila Horse Stables. Let your kids touch, hug, and ride their favorite horses and ponies to make the day more memorable.


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[2]    Photo by Ahmad Mohammed on Unsplash

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