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A basketball player trying to make a name for himself refused to fold and back down.
Mauricio Modestin Jr., a certified hooper who is from Brooklyn, New York , currently living in Bremerton, Washington, defied the limitations brought about by government restrictions and lockdowns which were imposed with the aim of halting the spread of the deadly virus. According to him, “As a professional, you must be in shape and ready to go”. This meant that even the pandemic won’t be enough to stop him from grinding and working hard day in and day out just to continue honing his craft and to always being a better Mauricio Jr. than who he was yesterday. He continued to be a student of the sport, acknowledged what he needs to improve, and pushed himself to his limits. His discipline and work ethic isn’t only with basketball. He applies it with his daily life being a better person in the community.

No one can question how passionate Mauricio Jr. is with basketball. This passion also translated to his desire to share what he knows of the sport to others especially kids who are just starting their basketball journey. He made use of the funds generated by the clothing line he started which is known as “BADKIDS”, an acronym for: Bring Attitude Down Kause It Destroys Success, to fund youth basketball camps. This is driven by his motto that as a professional, you must give back to the youth. During this times of pandemic, conduct of youth camps are prohibited but this is not a hindrance for him to continue what he has started even before COVID-19 shocked the world. He made use of social media platforms, uploaded content on his YouTube channel so that even at the comfort of their homes, people can still learn from him. He began reaching out and working with brands like PLAYMAKER,CrossoverCulture, A3fam and HOOPCULTURE.

Finally the faith and consistent hard work of this passionate Panamanian point guard paid off. He got a call from Coach Jesus Silva Arguezo who handles Club Deportivo Katon in Huanuco, Peru and was offered to train the youth and to continue his professional career there.Although Mauricio was offered a contract in Peru the government of Peru extended the Lockdown until September so there won’t be no season until the country open back up. Mauricio partnered with Press Sports app the #1 sports app where he is one of the head basketball guys that run the basketball side of the app. I love what I do and I appreciate the Press sports family for this opportunity..

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