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Morrison Medical – Fifty Years of Emergency Medical Products

Fifty years is a long time. When you read that most businesses fail in their first year, it makes it all the more remarkable for one to remain in business for half a century, but Morrison Medical is rather remarkable.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Morrison Medical is one of the nation’s oldest manufacturers and suppliers of emergency medical equipment, serving paramedics, first responders, fire and rescue personnel, emergency room personnel and acute care facilities. They are also the largest supplier of wooden splints in the United States. They specialize in a range of products for patient transport, restraint and immobilization, and although they have over 150 products available today, when they first started in 1970 they had only two.

Company founder Robert D. Morrison was an inventor who came up with a padded ankle hitch and disposable stretcher sheets on a giant roll. With these two innovations he started his namesake company. Up until then, no one had thought to make a disposable soft stretcher that could be cut to a custom size. And no one made a soft, comfortable, adjustable ankle hitch like his either. Once he began sharing his new inventions, Morrison Medical was born and has continued to grow ever since.

“So much has changed since those early days,” said Kevin Jeffers, managing partner of Morrison Medical. “In addition to expanding our product line in every category including straps, backboards, head immobilizers, restraints and patient transport aids, we’ve also entered the market for personal protection products like masks, face shields, gowns and isolation kits. These new products have allowed us to continue to serve our customers with the medical items they need.”

Mr. Jeffers’ philosophy is that personal relationships and customer service are the drivers of business growth and success. For companies like Morrison Medical, who have half a century of experience behind them, customer relationships become the long-standing lifeblood that support a bright future.

To keep things up-to-date, the company has debuted an updated logo, tagline and user-friendly website, and has expanded internal technology to speed up the shipping process, something today’s buyers find essential.

As one of the largest and oldest manufacturers and suppliers of quality emergency medical products in the United States, Morrison Medical plays a role in supporting the care and rehabilitation of individuals in their hour of need. Everyone at Morrison Medical works together to deliver the highest quality products that will reliably and dependably help people when it really counts.

As Morrison Medical looks ahead, it is sure to continue to offer carefully made EMS products that stand the test of time. As Mr. Jeffers says, “No company can survive for half a century without building significant trust, and that trust is built by individual relationships, with customers, suppliers and team members. We genuinely value everyone we work with and consider ourselves fortunate to have built so many wonderful relationships over the years.”

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