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Latona’s LLC. a Business Brokerage Firm that Realizes the True Value of ‘Digital’

There are several factors that make up a “good” company. Excellent product, cooperative head of the department, frank employees, and a good working environment. Since the world has been pushed toward a digital revolution, several other factors have been added that contribute to making a company stand out from others. Now, heavy traffic on websites, generation of revenue, retention of customers, instant reply to the customers from the company, and many others add up to the customer’s success. In short, for a company to truly succeed, it is important that they know the value of digitalization.

When it comes to realizing the true meaning and value of digitalization, the name of Latona’s LLC- a merger and acquisition company and a business brokerage firm- is distinguished. Latona’s entered the industry in 2008. The company specializes in selling digital businesses online. Established by Rick Latona, the company helps sellers meet the right buyers. This business brokerage firm assists interested investors to find the right digital companies.

It is due to the company’s approach, which is setting up to target internet and digital businesses, that the company has earned a reputable name throughout the world. 


Rick Latona started the company in 2008 in Puerto Rico after the great recession hit the country. Due to the extensive loss of resources, the company’s CEO himself was chained by financial troubles. With the aim to learn more and eventually start fresh, Rick Latona spent all his savings on getting enrolled at Harvard University. From there, Rick Latona learned all the necessary skills and ideas to re-start his company, Latona’s- a boutique business brokerage firm specializing in stay-at-home businesses.

Initially, the company was started as a small-scale set up. The company’s received its first client twenty years ago, a lasagna recipe blog. Soon, the company began receiving small-scale company clients and gradually expanded to dealing with large-scale businesses.


Latona’s impeccable working model also contributes to making the company’s reputation outstanding, and it is part of the reason why the company has earned a large circle of clients.

When prospects contact, Latona’s, the company’s first step is connecting them to a client who has an understanding of the business. Upon gathering all the details of the clients, the agent and business owner sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. (NDA)

After the NDA is signed, a discussion over the cost of selling the business between the client and business owner is carried out. Even though there is no proper evaluation of the costs, the professionals at the firm are quite experienced and offer suggestions to sellers. They also assist the buyers in setting a price by sharing tips and ideas.

The firm then also discusses their commission, after which a listing agreement is signed. The clients and the n sellers are provided access to the backend of the website where they can add information about their businesses.

The company respects confidentiality, which is why the business listing on Latona’s is generic, and no real names of businesses or clients are disclosed. An agent from Latona’s represents the seller, and one represents the buyer so that the conflict of interest is avoided. The LOI is drawn after a seller finds the right buyer.

From matching the right investors to the business holders, and entrepreneurs to acquirers, Latona’s helps candidates in starting up as well as selling their assets, too. 

Rick Latona says, “We here at Latona’s aren’t about to go back to building a huge portfolio and waiting patiently for buyers to come to us. It just isn’t our style.”

In 2015, Latona’s handled 13 sales over $1 million. And from then on, the company has gained rapid success in the industry, the company has earned more than 35,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletters and has become the largest and most experienced Mergers and Acquisitions company.

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