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Online Film Market Wraps up with blintn Ascertaining Digital Innovation in Production Investment and Distribution Market

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 Europe and Asia’s largest film markets have successfully ended online.

The demand for online production investment and distribution has reached a new age. 

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the EFM (European Film Market) Europe’s largest film market, and the Hong Kong FilmMart, Asia’s largest film market, both completed successfully on the 5th and 18th.

There were some concerns about the transition from the offline film market to the online format, but the EFM attracted over 12,000 people from 131 countries and 1,452 online screenings, while the Hong Kong FilMart attracted 7,000 attendees from 81 countries. With Netflix’s record-breaking EFM deal of pre-purchasing, the worldwide rights to the film “The Pale Blue Eye” for about USD 55 million, this year’s film markets have gotten more attention. 

 blintn, a platform leading the digitalization of the funding and distribution of film and TV series, also participated in the EFM(European Film Market) and the Hong Kong FilMart joining the wave of change.

By analyzing data of content characteristics and regional market trends, blintn pursues digitalization in production investment and distribution, providing curation services adapting to the needs of service users such as production companies, streaming services, distributors, and investors. 

Based on a precise analysis of available content and upcoming projects, it recommends suitable content for each distributor or investor. It works just like a highly advanced online film market. Production investment and distribution deals, in particular, are currently underway with an emphasis on content from South Korea, the United States, and China. 

Upon this Film Markets blintn once again ascertained the further possibilities for online production funding and distribtion services. During each one-week film market period, blintn went through strategic consultations with more than 120 OTTs, broadcasters, and production companies from 15 countries continued.

 Meanwhile, blintn is hosting monthly webinars to help global media experts establish a network and share valuable insights. Last month, director Weiwei Si, who has been actively working in the U.S., China, and the U.K. producing films such as “007 Skyfall” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” was invited as a speaker. Experts from various production companies, OTTs, webcomic companies, and government agencies have participated and meaningful synergies have been created. 

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