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Asset Tracking Review: Siteline App is the “Right Size”

Most businesses who have tried to implement asset tracking solutions have run into the same consistent problem with the solutions they research. Either the solution is too small, or too big.

A small solution comes from a new, unproven company. It comes with a lack of industry understanding, multiple holes in functionality, and a general sense of distrust. It’s like getting on a dingy to cross a vast ocean of data, and you risk sinking or being completely blown off course.

A big solution comes from a giant behemoth company. It comes with 2 dozen “suits”, who spend months and months to implement their elite consulting best practices. It’s like getting on a cruise ship, which lumbers along with no ability to turn when needed. You risk getting locked into excessively long projects with no organic abilities.

One company from Bellevue, Washington is a “right sized” breath of fresh air for the asset tracking community. This medium sized company is Fulcrum Technologies, which has released “Siteline App®” their newest flagship asset tracking solution that bridges the gap between small and large solutions. They don’t have the dingy problem, in that they are backed by over 2 decades of experience, as well as proven implementations at multiple Fortune 500 companies domestically and internationally. They don’t have the cruise ship problem, in that they are a hands-on group, ready to help make any needed changes, integrations, and can meet any other customer needs along the way. And Siteline can be deployed for one or a billion workers, with the ability to scale up and down as the business needs ebb and flow. Literally any size group, organization, department, or company.

As software reviewers we received early access to the Siteline release, so that we could kick the tires and feel the product for ourselves. We logged into Siteline, got it set up quickly, and dove right in. We didn’t just kick the tires, we kicked everything, while putting it to the test using a typical IT department data set. This test database had over 500 different types of equipment, hardware, and parts that all had to be tracked uniquely. This set of 500+ items was fluid as well, in that new components were being onboarded constantly. We also knew that we wanted to make sure the data was solid, and that we could use this data in a business scenario. 

For existing data, it was easy to load into Siteline, importing locations and items as an administrator, and we had the ability to sort / categorize / manage immediately. And being able to see all our locations in a map view was a great visual and very handy for quick access.

For the influx of new components (or as Fulcrum says, “stuff”), we downloaded their mobility application for scanning. With this, we were also able to customize the layout, including designing and configuring forms for easy data collection. 

For the data being reliable, we took advantage of their ability to validate, reconcile, and purify – all from their app / dashboard / management console that you can access using any browser on your computer or phone. 

Bam. In less than 24 hours, we had set up an asset tracking solution. 

Yes, you read that right. We got it all up and running in ONE DAY. Compare and contrast this to asset tracking systems that take numerous consultants, developers, PMs, testers, and admins working for 3 months to set up and get running. And often those efforts result in solutions that have about 75% of the functionality at go-live that Siteline was able to provide out of the gate.

We cannot state this strongly enough; Siteline App® was able to do more with one day of set up than a typical asset tracking solution can do with a fleet of consultants in three months. 

Siteline’s easy to use mobility and management console applications, ease of setup, rich feature set and configurability – this asset tracking solution is the “right size” for your business needs.

If you want to give Siteline a spin, contact them at or visit them at today.

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