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National Invest In Veterans Week Co-founder Jeff Shuford Shares Vital Tips For Veteran Business Owners

For military veteran digital shop owners, the need to optimize their stores for success while developing a detailed customer acquisition strategy is crucial. Without a clear understanding of online business success elements, attracting buyers to e-commerce stores will be challenging. The more effort put into optimizing online stores for sales, the better the chances are of building a thriving e-commerce shop that lasts. Nationally syndicated columnist Jeff Shuford is an award-winning expert in all aspects of digital marketing and the co-founder of National Invest In Veterans Week. Shuford shares vital tips in an exclusive conversation that will help veteran business owners better optimize their online stores for success.  

Why is it essential for veteran entrepreneurs to better optimize their mobile strategies?

Jeff Shuford: More consumers are shopping on their mobile devices than ever before. From smartphones to wearables, consumers are making online purchases via their mobile devices. Developing a detailed mobile optimization strategy for your e-commerce store allows you to increase your chances of connecting with mobile consumers and making their shopping experience with your online store a seamless purchasing experience. Consider everything from a mobile responsive website to the fonts and colors you use for your online store. Furthermore, it might make perfect business sense to invest in a mobile application. Put simply, meet people where they are, and you will be rewarded with increased revenue and brand awareness. 

Why is it a content outreach strategy essential to ensure success?

Jeff Shuford: Having a solid content outreach strategy can significantly impact your ability to increase your company’s e-commerce sales. Your content outreach strategy should include multiple components, including your social media marketing strategy and your business blogging plan-of-action. Develop a ‘take no prisoners’ content marketing strategy for your e-commerce shop, and you’ll leave your competitors wondering why you’re leaving them in the proverbial dust. One example is how I utilized content marketing to become a nationally syndicated columnist. Rather than focus solely on my blog, I invested countless hours perfecting my writing craft to have my brand mentioned in the top publications while being published in reputable publications through my columns. This has equated to speaking opportunities at major universities and a TEDx talk. The more people you present yourself in front of, the more people will like, know, and trust you, subsequently leading to more sales for your veteran-owned brand.  

Why does tracking analytics matter?

Jeff Shuford: The third strategy every military veteran e-commerce store owner should have in place is an analytics strategy. It’s not enough to check your store’s analytics once in a while. You must develop a deep understanding of everything from time-on-site ratios to traffic referrals and location analysis. If you want to increase your online business’ sales significantly, one of the savviest moves you can make is to become an analytics specialist. When launching my veteran-owned business, my team hyper focused on our website and mobile application analytics. Furthermore, you can also track analytics from your published columns via multiple tools available online. 

Incorporate Shuford’s three essential strategies into your online business’ growth strategy, and you will have a much better chance of building a thriving veteran-owned e-commerce store. Strategic growth does not magically happen. You must be prepared to put the appropriate plans in place if you want your online company to grow on an annual basis.

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