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Introducing Gee Dubz and Manny Young (Brought to you by Feel Good Entertainment)

March 2021 – Feel Good Entertainment is proud to introduce Gee Dubz and Manny Young. These two talented artists are now part of the label’s family, and the coming months are going to be really exciting, with new musical updates from the label and these performers!

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Feel Good Entertainment started out in 2017. Ever since its early days, the label set out to pursue their quest of promoting quality music and help artists developed their full potential. Recently, they teamed up with Gee Dubz and Manny Young, two exciting artists with a lot of personality on tap! 

Manny was born in Manitoba, but raised in Vancouver, and he was born with a life-long passion for music and a very eclectic taste. Growing up, he would listen to a lot of different genres: not only rap, but also rock and metal, as well as techno! He started writing lyrics at 13, and never looked back! He was actually discovered by none other than Gee Dubz himself, an entrepreneur and fellow musical artist who immediately saw a lot of potential in Manny. Gee himself is actually the founder of Feel Good Entertainment, and he believed in Manny from the very start! He had a few tough breaks through life, including experiencing addiction and homelessness. However, he is here to tell his story, and Gee and Feel Good are here to help him tell it!

He recently released a new single, “Life,” and the Feel Good fan actually dropped a fantastic album: 4 The Love, highlighting Gee’s amazing skills as a producer, as well as giving the audience an amazing introduction to this talented group of creatives and performers — who are really pushing the local scene to the next level with their positive attitude.

Gee is an accomplished artist, music producer, and sound engineer in his own right. He has been a fan of hip-hop for many years, and being born in 83, he has experienced some of the golden age first hand! He formed Feel Good Entertainment, and the group also consists of Manny Young, Will Wadhams, Westcoast K, Bronson Pelletier, and Kameko.

With so much talent on tap, things are about to get very, very exciting! Find out more and connect:

Facebook: FeelGoodEntertainmentMusic

Instagram: FeelGoodEntertainmentMusic


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