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Interview: VERIVERY shows their maturity through the new title song ‘Get Away’ and the music video.

The K-pop market is growing fast. The success of several groups has already been a stepping stone and K-pop plays a role in informing us of the freshness that has been forgotten. Recently, there is a group emerging from the K-pop scene. VERIVERY is back with a new concept after releasing a new single. 

Their new album is,  ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL],’ and the title song is ‘Get Away.’ VERIVERY talks about their new song with The Los Angeles Tribune and what the song delivers. And also some points you can focus on to fully understand the song. 

They also reveal some behind-the-scenes of the music video. DongHyeon especially recalls, “There was a scene where I fight with Kangmin, but we burst out laughing a lot, so I remember there were a lot of NG’s.”  

They are expecting to communicate with fans overseas with the face-to-face concert as well. Let’s meet them with the interview.


  • Your former album results were outstanding. You must have spent a lot of time and effort preparing this album. How did you spend your time?  

DONGHEON: Since we did well on our last album, we tried to match the expectations with better music and performances. 

HOYOUNG: I focused on practicing dancing and singing a lot while we were preparing this album. I thought a lot about how we could show our fans different attractions from the last album. 

YEONHO: I worked hard mostly on writing and composing songs and worked out hard to take care of my health. I also practiced singing and dancing a lot, preparing this album.  

  • What’s the critical point of this album’s title song, ‘Get Away’?

VRVR: It’s our first time trying a sexy, chic concept. So we thought about how we could show everyone the sexy side of VERIVERY. So we hope you can pay attention to our gestures and facial expressions as well. The highlight choreography of ‘Get Away’ is a choreography called ‘Escape dance,’ which looks like we are uncuffing. It’s a choreography that expresses our song’s main point, so we hope many people watch our Music Video and show a lot of interest.   

  • The M/V was very impressive. Was there any behind-the-scenes story or an exciting episode you can share? 

DONGHEON: There was a scene where I fight with Kangmin, but we burst out laughing a lot, so I remember there were a lot of NG’s.  

HOYOUNG: On the last day of the shoot, we had to shoot outside in the mountains. Even though the shoot was short, it was so refreshing to breathe the fresh air. It felt like we were on a camping trip. 

GYEHYEON: In the scene where I was fighting with DONGHEON, the posture we had to make was challenging and overwhelming, so whenever we made eye contact, I started to laugh. So I just looked at his forehead throughout the shoot. 

YEONHO: When we were shooting the music video, we had to do some extreme actions. It was a different experience from what we usually do. So it was awkward for us. 

YONGSEUNG: There was a scene where we had to lay down on the bed. I almost fell asleep because the shoot took a long time and we had already danced a lot. DONHEON fell asleep, so I laughed a lot at the shooting site.

KANGMIN: I was kind of tired because we started shooting early in the morning, but our members helped each other to finish the shoot well. 

  • What is the first thing you want to do when the Pandemic is over? 

VRVR: The first thing we would want to do is we would like to show our performances and communicate with VERRERs who have waited for us a long time. We hope to be able to meet our fans and have a great time together soon. 

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