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George Kazacoff’s DANGEROUS THEATRE solidifies credentials to ink book deal.

New York, NY – Entertainment Insider Dangerous Theatre records the activities of the various organizations of the Federal Theatre Project involved with fostering the writing and production of new plays during the FTP’s existence (1935-39). It presents a comprehensive and thorough picture of how playwrights actually worked and how their work was received by general audiences and critics. A critical perspective is established explaining how, why, and to what extent the aims of the FTP with regard to promoting new plays were, or were not achieved.

Being bold is admirable but being an author at the same time makes it far more dangerous, but not as dangerously good as the book that author George Kazacoff had written.

During the great depression from 1929 to 1939 this was one of the many tragic happenings in the United States of America, there were about Fifteen Million unemployed American people, Six Million on relief rolls and about Forty Thousand Show Business workers who could not even find a temporary job. Somewhere from 1929 to 1939, specifically in the year 1935 The Federal Theatre Project was created to help relieve the present situation during those years of massive loss.
As they say history is commonly defined as the past but the past can never be what it is if not for the present and vice versa. The book “Dangerous Theatre: The Federal Theatre Project as a Forum for New Plays” tells what was and how things could have been easily construed as this and that, just so others may or can benefit from what came about to something good, that it became dangerous. Author George Kazacoff wrote the story as how it should be and it was in plain sight, so others may be aware of why and how the Federal Theatre Project became dangerous. 
George Kazacoff also indicated such dangers coming from different sectors of the government that could cause disruption to the ruling class, most especially to those who can benefit from it. Lurking are those who’s got selfish intentions to gain from “The Federal Theatre Project” which was built on good intentions. The book contains the simplest form explaining how things were and the importance of knowing the intricacies when an intention is being kicked in the kerb.

Currently, the book is under negotiation and they are working to perform the recommendations provided by the publisher. “It is a great honor to represent book like this. A type of book that will help thousands of professionals especially professors, students and people in this industry. We are all excited and we are looking forward to finally ink a contract with the publisher” as per his agent Mark Alvarez.

About the Author

George Kazacoff holds a doctorate from New York University and has had a multi-faceted career as a college teacher, playwright, actor, director, and filmmaker. He was a visiting professor in drama at Vassar College and currently an adjunct associate professor at the City University of New York. He has also taught expository writing and playwriting at New York University, and other theatre and speech course at St. John’s University, University of Connecticut, Hunter and Baruch Colleges, and at the American Academy of Dramatic Art.

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