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Landleezy: The Queens Rapper Battling Grief and Giving his all to the Rap Game

“I would say going through such a tragic year while still having to be the best father to my two daughters is the hardest thing I’ve overcome, or at least I’m trying to overcome.” 2020 was a year like no other, but not many people had to go through the hardships that Queens rapper Landleezy did. Losing his mother, father, and grandmother in the span of 9 months, Landleezy was facing grief that he never had before. Learning to work through day by day, the budding rapper found a way to turn his grief into art.

 Landleezy grew up in the Shadyville neighborhood of Queens in a Haitian American family who the rapper says, “didn’t understand the term product of your environment. I’m an example of just that,” Landleezy shares. “A youngin’ who had so many opportunities but fell within the cracks of the streets I was brought up around.”

Landleezy quickly found a voice through hip-hop at a young age, and it stuck with him through all these years. “I started getting really serious about music in the early 2000s, I want to say around 2005. But I would always write down raps in my notebook during school just playing around.”

In recent months, Landleezy’s career has launched to new heights. Releasing singles with the likes of Juelz Santana and Jim Jones, Landleezy is now prepping the release of his newest project, “Believe in the Lord.”A project motivated by the personal changes Landleezy had to face in 2020, “Believe in the Lord”is a project meant to introduce people to the Queens rapper’s mission and passion. “I want people to believe in me, feel comfortable with me, and hopefully become fans as they spread the word of my talent.” “Believe in the Lord” is set to be released this spring.

Familiarize yourself with budding rapper Landleezy by watching his newest music video for the track “Believe” and by following him on Instagram.

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