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Deified by Bhanu Srivastav – A worth-reading creative masterpiece

Bhanu Srivastav is an aspiring, talented, and amazing thriller writer who has brought various masterpieces for his fans. He has written some incredible stories, and Deified is his latest novel. Just like his previous work, it seems like defied is also all-set to set a milestone.

Social norms and traditions have the unfortunate center stage in cultures of the Sub-continent. These cultural traditions have killed the dreams of many young and vibrant girls in India. The patriarchal system chains women in these cultural norms to keep them a slave to these and cave to it. The book “Deified” authored by Bhanu Srivastav is a unique take on the fate of Indian women and how they are chained by family and cultural norms to endure abuse in the name of honor of family and marriage.

The novel takes you through the journey of one such girl Sanvi. Her fate would look the same as any other Indian girl but it will all change one day. Married off to a man who didn’t accept her and abused her, left alone with one of her two children and asked to leave the house, all of this seems very run of the mill, right? It is what happens afterward that makes this novel one of its kind.

While she’s asked to leave the house, she had some car issues on the way. She took refuge in a deserted house on the road and had no choice but to take shelter there. She later discovers that the place is not just abandoned but you can’t leave it once you are in. This is all seems very fictional but isn’t it how the reality looks like for a girl chained in patriarchal traditions? It is suffocated and deserted to live inside that cage with no hope of leaving it one day, one will feel captured as Sanvi felt inside that house. It is more of a depiction of her reality in an imaginative world. The novel reveals what it will to break through the walls of a centuries-old tradition in Deified.

So, for whoever wants to enjoy a different story with an incredible message, “Defied” can be a worth considering novel for them. Not only the plot and message of the story are amazing, but how Bhanu Srivastav has described the entire scenery, dialogues, events and more, all are combinedly making the story a masterpiece, which you must read.

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