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International Day of Happiness: Does Business & Happiness Go Hand In Hand?

From An Emotion To A Skill-

A Special Message From The Chief Happiness Officer Edwin Edebiri

International Day Of Happiness– March 20th, 2021

Me and Mrs. Lina Noland, She Makes Me Happy 🙂

As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, it is a priority of mine that whatever I do, it has to make me HAPPY. Otherwise, there is no point in me investing time and energy into it. Why is that? Well, think of how many people do things that they truly don’t want to do or feel passionate about, but continue to do so because they feel that in the long term it may somehow benefit them. The reality is that all that time is wasted (not to mention that you can never get it back) and you really could’ve worked towards something that genuinely gives you life! This can be a career change, spending time with individuals that bring value into your life or seeking new ventures; needless to say, it can go beyond the business realm because your life should not completely be all work-

The point I want to make today is that you NEED to be HAPPY while running your business and with your outside life. There has to be balance. The key is to know how to create and maintain that harmony. Let me tell you about the secret to doing this…it is understanding that that happiness is not an emotion, but it is a skill. This blows my mind. This is such an important topic that it had to be recognized at an international level, by the one and only Chief Happiness Officer Edwin Edebiri.

Edwin Edebiri, Chief Happiness Officer

“Whatever we focus on grows, so let’s focus on happiness”, is the quote that continues to drive the fascinating International Day of Happiness. I had the honor to speak with Mr.Edebiri and I was amazed at the fact that people don’t know why happiness should be a skill and not an emotion. How many times do we see people go through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the day? Think about it. It is the most sought out thing in the world! If you ask anyone what they would like to obtain in this lifetime, most if not all will say it is to be happy. It doesn’t matter how successful you are and how much your business grows if you are not happy-period.

International Day of Happiness (IDH) is an event that is being hosted by the Happy Neighborhood Project, which will be celebrated on March 19th- March 20th, 2021 online, worldwide via Zoom!

Edwin shared with me that March 20th is a day set aside to remind everyone that happiness is a significant goal. So much so that the United Nations recognized Mr. Edebiri for his mission and passion of bringing light to what everyone is looking for. Yes, you guessed it, happiness. The United Nations agrees that observing “happiness”, opens doors for positive and sustainable development in regards to balanced economic growth. This is also expected to bring into fruition social well-being, including environmental prosperity.

This is just absolutely incredible.

International Day of Happiness will begin at 10 am to 4 pm PST (1 pm to 7 pm EST). The best part? EVERYONE is invited and it is free of charge for those that choose to attend! There will be several speakers that will be providing additional insight on happiness: how to obtain it and maintain it. Who doesn’t want in on the secret to what the whole world is seeking…

Lastly, I want to also say what an honor it truly is to have been invited to be a speaker at such a life-changing event. I will be part of the panel on March 19th, 2021 at 3:15 PST. I can’t wait to see all you beautiful people there!

My respects to Mr. Edwin Edebiri for spreading love, light, and much-needed happiness into this world. I am grateful for you and thank you for all you do.

Don’t forget to bring your smile! 😁

Mark your calendars!

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  1. Scott Harris Scott Harris March 17, 2021

    Great article that shines a light on an incredible gentleman, Edwin, who has made a tremendous impact on the world!

    ~ Scott “Rhino” Harris

  2. Carleigh Sherfield Carleigh Sherfield March 18, 2021

    Happiness in life truly is the key. Great article!

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