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Christopher Brooks: An Inspiring 23-year-old former Amazon Employee Who Unleashed An Incredible Life By Starting His Own Business!

Starting your own business has the potential to free you from the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job and drive you toward your goals. It’s a bold claim, but it’s factual. If you combine this guiding factor with your entrepreneurial dynamism, you will unleash an incredible life and achieve a life 95-point great on your own terms. 

What distinguishes the strongest innovators and drives them to produce amazing entrepreneur stories? It’s almost always a mix of three characteristics: greed, commitment, and hard work. These features not only help you obtain expertise but also help you develop groundbreaking goods or services that are capable of becoming industry revolutionaries. 

And when talking about entrepreneurs who climbed the success ladder by defying gravity – not having the two nickels to rub together to raking it millions of Almighty dollars – the 23-year-old Christoper Brooks is one such guy who leads by example. 

Christopher understood from a young age that there is a fixed course that individuals are supposed to follow: first education, then a career of dedicated service to one organization, and finally retirement at age 65. Fortunately, Christopher listened to Elon Musk’s inspirational interviews and quotes, and the staunch followership of Tesla’s CEO determined him to swim against the conventional tides and hang out his shingles to pursue entrepreneurship at all costs. 

“I realized that I was meant to stand out,” says the 1997-born Texian.

Plough his own furrow, Christopher embarked himself to pursue an independent career as a welding specialist. After graduating from Tulsa Welding Trade School, he did the hard yards to make a go of the welding business but unfortunately couldn’t make his fortune. 

Instead of curbing his enthusiasm to live the life of an entrepreneur, Christopher decided to forge ahead with a new career and this time in network marketing. He learned the art of network marketing, just to be employed by Amazon later on. Christopher had defiantly listed himself as unemployable from his childhood when he never wished to work Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. He accepted this job just to ride through the learning curve of making money online and at least get some experience before him unleashing his own entrepreneurial enterprise.

“I have to not depend on a job for my whole life and that I have to get really uncomfortable to live comfortably,” says the Elon Musk-inspired lad.

After been through a school of hard knocks, Christoper was finally able to strike it rich with his startup, Vision Inspires Growth [V.I.G] – a networking marketing firm that enabled the former welder to bask in the glory of his handmade success. 

While this entrepreneurial venture set Christopher on the road to riches, he felt the pain of a majority of youngsters unable to hit the success jackpot without being financially independent. Therefore, he decided to enable people to generate a potential income online using V.I.G’s platform. Other than working for himself, he spends all the remaining hours that God sends in doing a power of good to the community. 

“It helps people to paint the vision of everything you can do in life,” says Christopher while explaining the objective of his startup company V.I.G.

Christoper Brooks is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from the United States of America. Daring to be different, he slashed the 9 to 5 job career mindset and used his entrepreneurial muscle to excel forward with his dream to be an independent business owner. He mastered the art of network marketing and financial literacy via his life experiences and very soon became able to comfortably live a lavish lifestyle without feeling the pinch. A fiercely optimistic workaholic, Christopher Brooks is also involved in helpful acts where he helps others to live a high life via his entrepreneurial enterprise called Vision Inspires Growth. 

Have the urge to financial independence or looking for an ideal income stream? You can communicate with Chris on Instagram @Chris_brooks97

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