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In Comes A New Hoops Standard, Tampa Bay Is Addicted to Winning

We covered this team earlier in the start of the season because fans and analyst are often intrigued by expansion teams. The general expectation is that expansion teams start of slow, struggle to gain footing and typically lose for a decade before becoming competitive. We cannot view this as the usual, this is a different city, a different metro and not the same as any other expansion team that has joined the American Basketball Association. The league itself has had its’ share of good times, great times, bad times, expansion times, ups and downs, but this team harkens back to a much smoother time. This team harkens back to the greats that played both sides of the ball, both sides of the court, but were still exciting to watch. This team is rare in that form, there are players that can knock down 3’s and players that can grab 20 rebounds. This is the only team in the American Basketball Association that has a player with double digit blocks in a game. This team is following right in the footsteps of Tampa Bay culture of growing and winning. Multiple all-star players nominated, only 2 losses throughout the entire season, tanked #17 out of 200 teams across the globe. This cannot be ignored, if it continues in this manner we could being seeing the birth of a new ABA dynasty!

The Tampa Bay Fury are headed into the American Basketball Association playoffs in their first season against some tough competition. Because it is rare that new teams perform at this high of a level, it has shaken up the seeding in the Florida division, which is known as its’ toughest, most competitive division. Nonetheless a huge congrats to the team and staff as they continue that winning mentality in #ChampaBay. For more information on the team visit and follow them on all forms of social media.

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