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A new Era in the Business Aviation: Crypto Wings

By Jonathan N. Mayer, London 16 March 2021

The increase in value of the crypto money exchange, which started with the introduction of Bitcoin into our lives, is increasing day by day.

It is now inevitable to adapt to the digital economic world. However, the impact of blockchain is spreading every day and in every sector.

Gold sign of bitcoin with wings, symbolize cryptocurrency growing. 3D illustration isolated on white background

Although blockchain is generally seen as the technological infrastructure that enables crypto-digital money transfer, it actually contains many important other missions. Based on this potential, blockchain is determining the future route in digitalization not only by shaping our payment habits but also by fundamentally influencing state administration and the legal system.

GJM (Global Jet Market), one of the leading air charter company in Europe and the Middle East, announced that they started accepting payments with Bitcoin and Cardano in air taxi rental processes from now on.

The London-based awarded air charter company revealed the new strategy about payment methods for Aircraft rentals.

Gokcehan Dace, the shareholder and Managing Director of the UK-based company, said that the majority of Business Jet users closely follow the crypto markets and that customers are very pleased with the implementation of crypto payment in aircraft chartering.

Dace said that customers who pay their private jet charter in BTC or Cardano also offer a 5% discount on each charter.

Examples of the most preferred flight routes and their equivalents in Crypto;

Istanbul – Dubai: 0.65 BTC

Moscow – Dubai: 0.7 BTC

Antalya – Kiev: 0.32 BTC

Malaga – Moscow: 1.1 BTC

London – Los Angeles: 3 BTC

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