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kick and scream

Kick, throw, scream, and cry…

… and it’s ok.  These are all action that everyone feels.  These are emotions kids easily let out.  And, these are emotions we all need to let out.

Of course, you may now wonder why this topic today.  Truth is, for many people this past year had been hard and there were probably many times when even you (yes you) wanted to kick something, throw something, scream out loud how unfair COVID is and cry over all you felt and all you felt you lost or had to give up.  Yet – did you do it?
As adults many of us have been trained to hold it in; to “master” those emotions.  The question I have is: why? 

It’s been proven emotionally and scientifically that when we hold on to stuff like that it does affect our human, spiritual, and mental bodies.  In other words: those emotions can make us very sick and even eat us up from the inside.  Even knowing this, when is the last time you cried in public?  When is the last time you screamed out “why”? 

Almost more important; when is the last time you invited someone to “just let it out?” – whether that was someone else or yourself.  True, often it seems easier to allow others to do that and then we often either don’t know what to do with those emotions or we try and “fix” whatever we perceive to be the cause.

What if I told you that it’s not necessary?
What if I told you that it’s actually safer and healthier to let these emotions out?
What if you did and actually felt better after?

In my own life and work, with my daughter, I am a proponent of letting “it” out.  When you begin to observe what that does with and for you, you might just try it yourself.  Holding on to these emotions does not work – as mentioned before.  Letting go and expressing these in whatever way necessary actually helps those emotions be released and thus travel through you quickly instead of occupying space in your heart, mind, and soul.  That means, once released you have open space for more good stuff. 

Does it seem silly, possibly, to throw a pillow against the wall for as long as it takes while the pillow might even tear, break and get ruined?  Does it seem silly to hit the steering wheel in your car while stopped on the shoulder and just scream out lout?  Does it seem silly to just let the tears roll when they swell up? 

Yet, consider the price of not allowing the release.  Everything get bottled up and sooner or later – you know it – it, and that means you, will explode.  Is that what you aim for?
We have forgotten in so many ways to be human and show ourselves authentically because, somewhere along the line, someone said holding in your emotions means you are strong. 
Now that is really a bit silly.
Given the evidence, all that holding in does is ruin yourself – not others – inside and out.  You lose your peace, you lose give up your happiness and hope, you release you smile. 

So, my advice to you – practice, studied, observed, and proven – is to allow your emotions a way out so you can release them and have them pass through you quickly.  Then you are able to hold on to your peace, keep your happiness and hope, and you can keep on smiling. All that means is that you keep your health: physical, mental, and spiritual.
Not to mention, being able to do that and move on, to truly show yourself, is a sign of more power and strength that holding it all in. Being vulnerable or honest in that way shows that you are leading yourself and you are confident that you can handle anything that comes your way as you will never be too full of negative emotions to go on.


Are you ready, next time you have the chance, to kick, throw, scream or cry?
For your own health and wellbeing?

Yes, throw a personal temper tantrum in your home or your car, your private sphere and see how good it feels. 

Release and be healthy
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