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March 15th Declared Scott Harris Day

Today the editorial team from the Los Angeles Tribune has sent an open call to the city of Los Angeles to declare March, 15th as Scott Harris day. Scott “The Rhino” Harris has spent years dedicated to business and charity efforts. He has spoken on hundreds of stages and helped inspire audiences to adopt the “Rhino” mindset a nickname that he earned after motivating audiences worldwide. On Marth, 15th he finished a 24-hour marathon online in which he answered questions from people from around the world and generously made his presence and listening ear made available. Every March, 15th on Scott Harris day we want it to serve as a reminder to the community to take a day to actively listen, help, and foster a community.

Scott Harris day is not just about the man but what the man decided to do. By taking a full day off from his day to day life and making himself available to anyone from the globe who needed a listening ear, business advice or just someone to talk to he impacted hundreds of people single handedly. This day is a day for everyone to celebrate as a holiday of listening and lending a ear to make sure everyone on this planet knows that they have a voice worth listening to.

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