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Ready to reopen? “It’s Been A Year Folks”…TTFLO!

Live performance opportunities was hard to come by in 2020. The year pretty much consisted of going virtual, surviving dance routines from tik-tok, streaming twitch vids, and zoom fatigue. That didn’t stop DJ Travis Moet of Las Vegas from releasing new music, and focusing on producing content for his audience. His new works titled “TTFLO” sends a message to move forward, and to get back to a more familiar lifestyle. TTFLO is the abbreviation for “Turn The F—- Lights On” That’s right, his next creation sends a message to turn the lights on, open up the city (Safely Of Course) and let’s get people back to work and back to living again. 

DJ Travis Moet mentions that In Las Vegas the entertainment industry was one of the hardest hit, and there is no real financial protection in place for artist, musicians, dancers, and entertainers alike. While these work groups are considered non-essential, this is still the livelihood for a lot of individuals. This is how they make a living, and this is how they support their career and their lifestyles. With the roll out of the vaccine and eased restrictions, the only real hope for a lot of entertainers is to get back to business.  It’s been a year folks, “TTFLO” says DJ Travis Moet. TTFLO is schedule for release on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the same day a year ago that the City of Las Vegas, like most of the world, begin to face the reality of a shutdown. TTFLO can be streamed on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Apple Music. Connect with DJ Travis Moet on socials @travismoet. 


Travis Moet, known professionally as DJ Travis Moet, is an American musician, DJ, producer, singer, dancer and songwriter

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