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Saeed Moosa Founder of Codigos de Barras Speaks About His Success Online

To be successful is something that everyone wants. Most people believe that only those people who had a very good education and a degree can succeed in life. However this is most of the time not true. Many people had created financial freedom for themselves without an education or university degree.

Saeed Moosa is a prime example of such a thing; this man belonged from a normal background and was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was a person who did not shine out much. He was a mediocre student at his school and always just passed through subjects.

At his age though he was the kind of man who would observe things with an eagle’s eye, he would discern the hidden meaning in things that were not obvious to others. He noticed at this tender age that teachers were teaching things that had literally no practical use in the real world. So he wanted to do something or learn something that would have practical meaning. This is what Saeed Moosa use to think back then. According to the society that was around him the only main goal of people his age should be that how they can be successful, and the pathway that they were told was the traditional one. They were told to study hard in school, enter a college and then get university degrees, from there they should end up at a highly paid job and to sit behind a desk from 9 to 5 each day. Saeed was not at all going to follow that method and he said that:

Society believes that you should finish school, get a degree, and go to work from 9-5 in a ‘high paying job’. The thing was that I was not interested in a single subject and it did not make sense to me to learn certain subjects which would not help me in everyday life.”

Saeed then left the educational institute at the very young age. Thereafter he took an interest in the field of marketing and sales. He started off with a personal development company promoting self-development products. When he came into this field he got a lot of success in a very short time and then ventured into learning the skill of online marketing.

Saeed Moosa was a practical man and unlike other people that were around him, most of them wanted to go to college or university to get a degree. Saeed Moosa was the kind of man who learned solely from experience all by himself and he says that:

All journeys start from somewhere and I had taken up some online courses on marketing and advertising which led me to use the internet as a vehicle to drive traffic to my products and services.”

After learning online marketing, he decided to promote products and services online using the skills that he had learnt. He also started his own online store and started selling online. He started a Spanish company called Codigos de Barras which provides barcodes for companies to barcode their products. This gave an opportunity for small and large companies to easily get their products into stores around the world quickly. The most important thing about Saeed’s life was the dedication and perseverance that he had in everything that he decided to do. He was always eager to learn and then implement it on the field.

For many years I was barely getting by; however I always stayed focused, determined and took massive action in whatever project I had started. I see too many people in my field learning, but not implementing. The implementation is where it begins then you will get the results,” says Saeed.

If your only goal is to make money for yourself, the journey will become very difficult. If your goal is to help others, the journey will become very easy. Money is always the by-product of value, so having the correct mind-set, will ultimately benefit you in the long term.”

Today Saeed is working on another project called as Shoparex. This will create an opportunity for ordinary people around the world to setup their own online store. Saeed also offers different courses on how to create an online business and use the internet as a marketing tool to drive traffic.

The one thing I’ve learned in life is that if YOU want something for you, help other people get what they want FIRST & what you want will be a by-product of that. Whatever YOU want is a by-product of providing VALUE to others – so focus on others & in turn you will create a life for yourself that you didn’t think was possible.”

To keep your-self updated with all the information follow Saeed Moosa’s profile on Facebook, or visit his website.

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