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Santa Monica Startup Lambs Uses Science to Prey on Humanity

New EMF Protection startups like FONZ and AumTech and entering the market with safer solutions

According to EMF protection experts, clothing is a simple way to protect from EMF as it can cover most of the body. They warn however of metal on the skin actually increasing exposure, as it can create hotspots as well as put the body at risk of more absorption. Metal in the body also worsens EMF effects.

Clothing brands like Spartan, Owayn, and Lambs are selling consumers of reducing exposure while exposing large areas of the skin to toxic metals and chemicals. Our labs ran reports on Lambs clothing and found that actually it isn’t silver, it turns yellow and may cause heavy metal toxins in the bloodstream as well as a very rare condition called argyria, which turns the skin blue.

Millennials are increasingly valuing their health, but not at the expense of their morals. They want to stand for brands which actually care for them, and not just their wallets.

Lambs, backed by Science Inc., Dave Asprey of Bulletproof, and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank are following the playbook of corporations of the past, and putting consumers at risk, preying off of the fears of 5G and technology, and covering up facts which put consumers in danger.

Previously Spartan, Lambs started their campaigning with images of erections in the their boxer briefs, and then have been backed by video game technology and Science Inc. to penetrate the women’s market and sell their dangerous products to children.

Founded by Frenchman Arthur Menard Calenge, Lambs claims to be on a mission to save humanity, but happens to place the material success of its employees above the actual health of its customers, who frankly represent the humanity. While raising exposure on EMF works in that favor, preying on the fears of humans and selling them shoddy products deserves a total rethinking of standards. 

While EMF protection measures are in place to protect consumers, be careful to not be scammed by the same corporate interests which brought us Round Up, GMOs, and other products which put humanity further at risk. Reinsurance firms already do not cover product liability claims from EMF health effects; the first consumer class action lawsuit against industry was filed in San Jose in 2019 just before COVID. 

Startup FONZ, a family-owned business based in Silicon Valley, is founded by a former spy and IP protection attorney in Asia and contributes 10% of profits to the Environmental Health Trust, set-up to inform the public of the dangers posed by EMF. FONZ EMF protection apparel places their conductive shield FaradayTech on the exterior, protecting consumers from EMF. 

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Description automatically generated with medium confidence based out of Silicon Valley and Mumbai, also retails their safe EMF protection apparel to babies and children, locating the conductive shielding sandwiched between two soft layers of bamboo. They’re a vertically integrated textile company which owns IP in their industry-defining technology.

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