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How Japanese Culture and Traditions Continue in COVID: Yosakoi and Kochi Prefecture

The Yosakoi Festival is a traditional dance festival and among the most popular ones in Japan. Originally from Kochi prefecture, Japan, there have since been many different variations of Yosakoi throughout the country. Mainly, Yosakoi consists of holding two wooden Japanese clappers and dancing to original choreography and music that incorporates traditional dance motifs. While the Yosakoi dance festival is an annual event for Kochi, due to COVID-19, the organizers of the Kochi Yosakoi Dance festival decided to move the event online in the form of a global dance campaign where participants could take a video of themselves dancing to Yosakoi and upload it to social media as a form of social media challenge.

While COVID-19 has made impactful changes in travel and tourism industries, the tourism representatives of Kochi have taken strides to persevere and to promote their prefecture. Located in the Shikoku region of Japan, Kochi is known for its warm climate, its mountainous terrain, and its access to the Pacific Ocean. Some of its most notable geographical features consist of the Shimanto and Nyodo Rivers, Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark, as well as the Ashizuri Uwakai and the Shikoku Karst National Park. 

Nakatsu Gorge- Niyodo River

While travel and tourism are still in the midst of getting through COVID, Kochi prefecture hopes to leave a meaningful impression on prospective domestic and international visitors, encouraging them to consider Kochi as their first destination when COVID ends and culture and tradition thrive once again.

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