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Special Feature with Jesse Faccinto

Contact: Jessefaccinto@gmail​.com

Instagram: @jessefaccintomusic

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Jesse Faccinto is an 18 year old Christian Hip-Hop artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has dropped two projects in 2020 called “Flip Side XX” and “Nova Circle.” He ranges from high energy, up beat tracks, to chill, Lo-Fi production inspired music. He has created a unique style of rapping that includes faith based themes that Christians can relate to in their walk of faith.

Jesse Faccinto is releasing a 6 track EP titled “Point-Blank” April 31st. Every song has a different yet similar feel than the last. Jesse’s style isn’t the same as what you hear in most Hip-Hop songs on the radio. He worked hard to develop a unique and different sound to give the listener something new and refreshing that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The tracks range from a high tempo production with lyricism that can get you excited with you and your friends in the car, to a jazz feel, story telling style when you just want to chill out and unwind.

(Point-Blank cover art)

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