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Greene Concepts (INKW) raises $2.875 Million to Expand Be Water™ Brand

Greene Concepts Inc (OTC Pink: INKW) announced that they had completed a $2.875 million funding transaction to boost their company efforts expeditions for their BE WATER brand of pure natural artesian spring water. The announcement was made at Marion, North Carolina. Greene Concepts have received the funds as part of the BE WATER brand agreement that will enable them to raise extra funding for the brand’s growth and expansion. The money is be based on the Greene Concepts’ long-term commitment and vision for BE WATER brand both nationwide and worldwide. The agreement will occur with no dilution to Greene Concepts shareholders as the transaction contains no conversion features, thus the zero dilutive effect on shareholders.

Greene Concepts Inc funding came after Wall Street declared water as an emerging trading item, with California alone having tight water supplies on display. They hope this move will cement their position as a critical player for both short-term and long-term water supply chains. According to Lenny Greene, the CEO of Greene Concepts, they have received excellent feedback for the BE WATER brand within a short period. He emphasized their company’s objective to generate additional inventory and expand their market while venturing into new markets.

Water is an essential commodity for life and plays a crucial role in forming the Earth’s landscape. In fact, water predominantly contributes to shaping the Earth’s surface and determines the region’s general climate in particular. Though necessary to human survival, its availability varies from one area to another relating to the differences in weather and hydrological conditions. Urban and economic development usually leads to the damage of water flows and increases pollution as a result. Such activities reduce the quantity of fresh water available for primary uses.

Worldwide, we can confidently say that clean water is one of the most sought out commodities. Previous studies on water consumption patterns show that; the agricultural sector consumes more than 70%, with industrial and domestic uses following at 22% and 8%. However, these patterns change as you move to developed countries where the industrial sector consumes a higher percentage of water consumed. High-income countries use less water for agriculture with an estimate of about 30% on average, but pump more water to industrial use at 59%, followed by domestic usage at 11%. However, this may be the case; most agriculturally consumed water in developing countries due to the inefficient irrigation systems. Developed countries lose about 36% of the water consumed for industrial purposes due to insufficient and deficient distribution.

Universally, water shortage is a comparative concept, and, in some instances, it may refer to the total lack of access to clean water for consumption. Though water resources are more exploited in almost every continent, urbanization and industrial activities often affect water supplies creating acute shortages. Greene Concepts Inc. initiatives for water distribution comes into life as they address this imminent problem. The new funds will help them tackle this problem on an even bigger scale.

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