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Catching up with Dat Gurl

Dat Gurl Secrete’s work ethic is nearly unmatched in the rap game. She holds down a budding rap career, manages her own label, and owns two business in two different countries, proving her prowess for entrepreneurship that bleeds into her music. Obtaining her stage name from childhood where she was known to safely hold the secrets of others, she also holds the secret to success and is on the verge of breaking into the rap hemisphere.

Born Ashley Thomas on the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia, Secrete began her love for music in the fifth grade when she joined a dance team. At the age of fifteen, she began to write gospel rap with her friends, and the continual praise from her peers prompted Secrete to take her talents seriously. While making the decision to become a rapper after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Secrete honed her craft in the small studio she built in her college apartment and began to build upon the hustle it would take for her to succeed in the music business.

Secrete began releasing music to the public in 2016 with a stream of singles including “Ain’t Ya Average”, “Smoked Out” featuring her brother Smokin Jay, and “No Rules”. In 2017, Secrete’s music gained traction with the single “Wit The Get Down”, and she penned a distribution deal in the same year with PRIORITY, releasing the single “Balenciaga” in March 2018.

Secrete draws inspiration from artists including Missy Elliott, Timbaland, early­Atlanta rapper Kilo Ali, and the 1990s Chicago trio Do or Die. She also has much respect for many of the rappers bred in her city because she understands the hustle of breaking outside the city as a rapper from Atlanta, giving her another layer of admiration for the craft and the determination to be known as more than just that.

Secrete doesn’t like to sound the same in every song, and has the skill set to switch up her cadence and lyrics to create pop records and gutter rap records alike. While she can occasionally be seen holding bricks of cash, Secrete isn’t showing off like the people she calls out in “Balenciaga”–instead, she’s got the ambition, drive and hustle that allows her to show off the fruits of her labor. She lives by the idea that if the opportunity presents itself, take it; and although she thinks carefully about all the decisions she makes, she is still ready to conquer when presented with new challenges.

Dat Gurl Secrete owns a customer service company, a restaurant in Jamaica, and has pushed her rap career since 2011, proving her versatility in the business of being an entrepreneur. Secrete also began her own record label PrimeTime Productions Music Group, where the main focus for now is to expand her rap career. She knows that running her own independent label is the true pathway to success in the evolving rap game, and with her proven track record of winning in whatever field she touches, success isn’t too far in front of her.

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