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Inventagon Helping Doctors Bring New Treatments to Market

The world’s dependence on technology is increasing every day. Over the years, technological advancements have revolutionized the way people live. It has brought life-changing solutions to people in need, continuously improving their quality of life. Technology has helped doctors deliver better care to their patients. Innovation continuous to change the otherwise stagnant health care system. Many consumer products have stirred change in people’s lives, especially for those with chronic medical conditions. Advanced medical devices have a considerable impact on patient’s lives.

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Medical devices are continuously evolving to provide improved treatments. They are used to treat chronic illnesses and serve different purposes for various illnesses. The interaction of medical devices with chronically ill people has become increasingly symbiotic. From home appliances and personal assistance gadgets to implantable devices and biotechnical machinery, medical treatments are increasingly dependent upon these inventions. Currently, the world consists of many companies working to create new and improved innovations that ease patients’ pain and suffering.  One of these companies is Inventagon. This business firm creates prototypes of cutting-edge medical devices and invests in medical innovation ideas that have the potential to revolutionize patient care and optimize people’s health. 

Jarl Jensen, the founder of this firm, is an advocate of innovation. Inventagon is among the few American companies that are actively working to help doctors integrate the latest technologies into the devices they use to treat their patients.   It produces medical instruments, devices, and treatment plans to facilitate a medical expert’s capability and improve the traditional procedures. 

The firm understands that technological advancements are essential and beneficial for the medical sector. It is the only field that is responsible for saving, treating, and improving human lives. So, they hire the best engineers and biotechnical that help with in-depth scrutiny of the problems. The proficient team at Inventagon comprehends the issues faced by the medical experts. The company uses its team’s expertise to put forward ideas that seamlessly tackle these problems.

Thinking Beyond Boundaries 

As an ‘idea guy,’ Jarl’s mind is always brimming with creative solutions that, if pushed into the real world, would efficaciously treat major illnesses. He wanted to gather a group of similar thinking individuals who would look at issues with a unique perspective and provide transformational solutions. So, he created Inventagon, a platform where great minds come up with groundbreaking solutions. Through this company, Jarl invests in the ideas brought in by doctors entrepreneurs who could be the business titans of the future.

Inventagon has, to date, contributed to the medical industry with several original and radical design ideas. It has helped many engineers and entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. The company stands by the concept of “Innovate. Patent. Prosper.” The CEO, Jarl Jensen, believes in progressing with cohesion. Inventagon understands the difficulties an entrepreneur might face to sponsor their idea. So, to reduce their issues, the firm aids them financially if the need or opportunity presents itself. Inventagon has a robust financial backup that offers its clients full freedom to execute their ideas without worrying about a single thing. It helps reduce the pressure and allows the entrepreneur to shift their focus to creating medical devices that could benefit human lives in the future.

Inventagon has partnered with Boston University, Rapid Orthodontics, Priority Smile LLC, and many other developing businesses since 2009. Its services include computer-aided design, innovation, rapid prototyping, three-dimensional modeling and printing, printed circuit board design, embedded software engineering, microprocessor programming, ISO9000 design regulations, FDA Design Control, medical adhesive design, advanced metabolic device design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and much more. Inventagon offers complete solutions from concept to retail or as needed.

Thanks to its out of the box concepts and unconventional medical device prototypes, Inventagon has established itself as a reliable and esteemed business. Its exceptional client dealings and cooperation have raised the bar for many. It has also been awarded the ‘Medical Device Design Award’ by MD&M in 2012. The award appreciates their consistent efforts to bring forward ideas that enhance human life and satisfy the needs of the sick.

Inventagon has invested, designed, prototyped, and marketed many technologies. Some of these include; advanced wound care, advanced orthodontics, advanced cosmetics, advanced probiotics, advanced life extension, advanced chronic disease prevention, and many more.

With expertise spanning biology, healthcare, and health optimization, Inventagon extends

expertise that helps doctors, entrepreneurs, and businesses needing innovation to create solutions that improve and simplify the medical treatments.

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