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Behind The Glamour: Rising Star Berite Labelle Details the Intense Demands of an Acting Career

Models, actors, musicians, and other categories of entertainers are often the highest standard for the “good life”. Everyone thinks they have it all easy – traveling the world, doing what you love, and making a good load of money while at it. Their social media pages are crawling with comments of people coveting their luxurious lifestyles – as seen in pictures. However, not many people would ever take a moment to think about the hassles behind all the flamboyance.

Most people just assume entertainers are constantly having fun every single day of the year. The job has to be so easy, right? To them, it couldn’t possibly be as tough as an exhausting 9-5 or running a demanded business. People are convinced that professionals in the entertainment industry do not require any kind of intelligence, education, or skill, and this is one of the most unfounded assumptions about the field.

According to Moldovan-born actress, model and dancer, Berite Labelle, a real career in entertainment requires a person to be as business savvy as they are technically intelligent. The “dumb blonde” stereotype has no place in reality for people determined to make an impact in the industry.

“There are certain things that you need to have because it can be a stressful industry that combines both art and business,” Berite explains. “It demands a high level of emotional intelligence and deep knowledge of oneself. It can be difficult to deal with both the artistic side and the business side of acting. You can get lost in it sometimes, and it can be difficult just to take a moment for yourself and be relaxed.”

A tale of remarkable resilience behind every flashy photo

Berite was born in Tiraspol, Moldova, a small landlocked country in Eastern Europe that used to be part of Russia. Her Chadian father from Central Africa had worked for the United Nations and they constantly moved around the world. Adjusting to several places and blending into different cultures as a little Russian-speaking girl of color was one of Berite’s earliest struggles. Being separated from the other kids and put in special classes she didn’t require as an elementary school kid hadn’t made any sense, but even that young, she knew it couldn’t be quite right.

Following her father’s passing when she was 14, getting mixed up with some unhealthy company at the age of 17, Berite was knocked down to her lowest but she eventually had a rude awakening – she was completely in charge of her life and it was up to her to decide what to do with it. She enrolled in a diploma program and worked as an intern for Bucherer 1888, a globally renowned Swiss jewelry brand. She saw the world through the lenses of a billion-dollar company and finally, her dreams in modeling and acting were ignited.

Without emotional intelligence and perspective, stress over your responsibilities can quickly amount to a lot and hold you back,” Berite reasons. “I’m a perfectionist, and it sometimes works against me because of my high expectations. I feel compelled to fill up every hour of the day to stay productive and keep working towards my goal. However, every stress can nourish fears or bad thoughts.”

Married to the love of her life, Berite has spent the past decade working with several high-flying fashion shows, events, photographers, and brands across Europe. She’s now focused on pushing her acting career forward as she prepares to star in a film she wrote while studying at the New York Film Academy on a partial scholarship.

According to her, a real career in acting requires some of the most painful sacrifices any professional could make. It’s never easy to travel around the world and work at all times, especially when there are loved ones to be left behind. Daily video calls can only do so much to bridge the gap.

I’m so thankful to be living a fulfilled life and doing what I’m passionate about,” she affirms. “However, it’s not always the lifestyle of glamour that it may first appear: instead, it can be isolating. It can feel lonely at times. My husband is living in Switzerland, Geneva, and I’m alone here in Los Angeles working on a career that doesn’t allow me time to spend with friends or see the sights. But I’m committed to making my dreams come true. I’m also grateful to have a husband who always supports me in my choices and motivates me to achieve my goals.”

Essentially, these people give so much of their lives and comfort up to bring entertainment to our screens. Considering the endless trips, business negotiations, fan meet-and-greets, award shows, premieres, actual work, styling, fitting, and so much more, life on the fast lane can be very exhausting. Entertainers deserve a lot more credit for hard work than they actually receive.

Alongside working on her short film about two historic female characters, Mary Wollstonecraft and Cleopatra, Berite is also working toward creating a foundation to ignite her mission of helping children, orphans, teenagers, and young women going through difficult phases in life.

“One day, I hope to be able to help get children off the streets in places like Thailand,” she said. “What they are going through over there breaks my heart every day. I’d also love to help kids back in Chad, my father’s country, even though I’ve never been there before. There’s so much pain and suffering in the world and we must all play our parts to alleviate as much of it as possible.”

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