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Activewear Brand J-Min Collections Continues to Help Women’s Empowerment Causes with Donation that Supports Menstrual Health in Kenya


March 1, 2021 – J-Min Collections, the activewear brand known for supporting women’s empowerment by giving a portion of each sale to women-focused causes, announced today that the company donated 200 gift bags to Wakenya Watenda Wema to support menstrual health in Kenya. 

Brand creator and renowned personal trainer, J-Min, was born and raised in Kenya and saw firsthand the economic disparity that existed in the region. In particular, J-Min was inspired by her upbringing to take action to support menstrual health, an issue that is considered taboo in Kenya and other parts of the world. In Kenya, girls can be excluded from school, social and even family activities because of menstruation. In addition, access to sanitary supplies is restricted, creating high risk situations where girls use alternative methods like creating makeshift sanitary pads out of used mattresses or exchanging sex for sanitary towels. 

Aware of the situation in Kenya and empowered by the recent successful launch of her activewear brand, J-Min decided to partner with also few friends; to create 200 Christmas Hygiene Gift Bags to distribute to girls in Kenya. 

Altogether, the bags, which were donated to non-profit organization Wakenya Watenda Wema, included 400 sanitary towels, 400 tampons, 100 reusable sanitary pads, 200 panty liners and 100 shower caps. 

“I did this to provide help where I knew it was needed and to raise awareness that menstruation is not accepted everywhere as a natural part of a woman’s life as it should be.” Said J-Min of the donation. “This is a critical issue that J-Min Collections was proud to support. Putting these bags together to help girls in Kenya meant the world to me and I know it meant the world to those who received them.”

In addition to supporting Wakenya Watenda Wema, J-Min Collections donates $1.50 from every sale to support organizations working to improve issues affecting women. As a recently launched brand, J-Min Collections is quickly becoming known for styles that reinforce a woman’s confidence and a mission that aims to “spark the warrior within women to scream loudly with confidence by owning the finest looks.”

To find out more about J-Min and to shop the upcoming collections, visit the website at

About J-Min

J-Min is a successful personal trainer and well-known fitness personality behind the activewear brand, J-Min Collections. J-Min was born in Kenya, lived in Korea for years as an English teacher and later immigrated to the US where she gained notoriety as a personal trainer at Equinox Fitness Clubs in California. 

Her fitness wear brand, J-Min Collections, combines her passion for fitness, female empowerment, and giving back to communities in need. J-Min’s philosophy is that fitness is as not just a workout but has to do with our daily experience of joy and fulfillment. She regularly collaborates with fitness experts in pole dancing, silk dancing or any other form of art or exercise to promote the variety of fitness she believes in and continues to support women’s causes by donating a portion of each sale to organizations supporting women’s issues.

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