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101 Hemp Launches The Miracle Plant Skin Care Line with the Favorite Raw Renew CBD Skin Treatment

Ventura, California March 1st 2021 – 

The world’s leading provider of organic, whole plant raw CBD oil, 101 CBD, is launching a new CBD skin care line under the brand name The Miracle Plant. With a fresh look and feel and a salute to the hemp plant that has been miraculous for millions of people around the world, the new line will include a CBD eye serum, a CBD skin treatment and a CBD sun shield.  The Raw Renew CBD skin treatment has been a favorite from their current 101 CBD collection.  Learn more about Raw Renew Skin Treatment at

The Raw Renew CBD Skin Treatment is a powerhouse blend of non-comedogenic organic oils, essential oils and the highest quality raw CBDa available in the market today. Being non-comedogenic means the oils do not clog pores, thus allowing the CBDa to cross the skin barrier and penetrate the skin to magnify its effectiveness. Customers rave about how it can be used to support clearing up acne, reduce swelling and inflammation, smooth out uneven skin tones, reduce the signs of aging and even help support severe skin conditions issues. As a part of your normal skin regimen, the Raw Renew should be applied about 5 minutes before your application of makeup to allow it to fully absorb into your skin. Though the product is oil based, after absorption, your skin will have a nice glow but will not shine excessively. Applying it morning and night is the suggested use.  

The Benton family, founders of the organization, created their exceptional formula of organic, raw, whole plant, truly full-spectrum CBDa oil to help their child fight off severe autism that was diagnosed when he was only two years old. Acquiring astounding results from the formula, the couple decided to extend their help to other families who were suffering from the same kind of issues by providing high-quality Hemp products at a very reasonable rate. The couple has fully dedicated their lives to spreading the goodness of raw CBD oil to heal the world.

101 CBD is a family-owned business from Ventura, CA that offers reliable services providing their customers with authentic CBD products according to their needs. Customers have experienced positive results after using their products in just a few weeks, oftentimes seeing immediate results. 

Last year they started the Miracle Plant Podcast to spread awareness about the benefits of their popular CBD products and to help heal the world in the best way they know-how. The Miracle Plant Podcast focuses on educating and informing the masses about the extraordinary medicinal properties of raw CBD oil. The podcast launched by the company is aimed at answering all the complicated health-related problems faced by numerous families in the country and all over the world. The podcast also encourages the audience to share their experiences with the miracle plant and use these stories to spread awareness about the medical benefits of the plant.

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