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BeeRole the Honey solution to the end of the world

In today’s current climate it would be unusual to not hear or read some piece of information about the future of our planet and the integral role Bees play. But just how seriously is the importance of Bees and their role being taken? Bees are in danger of extinction. Data shows bee populations dwindling more and more each year. This decline is caused by a combination of stresses – loss of habitat and food sources, exposure to pesticides, and the effects of climate change. If bees died off the face of the earth, it is estimated that mankind would likely die off after four years. Four years!

Here are some facts about bees: They are the only insect that creates food eaten by humans. 35% of the food we eat depends on pollination by bees. A bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip. There are 25,000 different species of bees, and we need them in order for our ecosystem to thrive.

While people may not personally be feeling this already rapid decline, it is only a matter of time before we are all aware of the impact of their absence. With comprehensive bee protection and rescue programs, the world can thrive more than ever before and Igor Casapu, founder and CEO of, is on a mission.

BeeRole is, for all intent and purposes, a digital hive for humans. The community’s role and function within this digital hive is to not only stay informed and connected globally about all things Bee-related, it is also a platform to support businesses that sell products made by Bees, namely Honey. From Zimbabwe to Nepal to Mexico, BeeRole serves honey makers and lovers worldwide!

In smaller communities living in remote territories, honey making is their bread and butter and given the opportunity to trade internationally would allow for more income revenues. Customers can follow their favorite honey-makers to keep up with their individual journeys while also saving the planet. Beekeepers and honey makers have long since lacked a unifying platform and have been unable to sell their products on a global scale. With Casapu’s online hive, these small business owners finally have a platform that caters to their delightful niche.

However, Igor Casapu has a much bigger goal that he is striving to achieve. The ‘Save Two Billion Bees in 2021 Project’ is now underway and BeeRole’s platform serves a vital function to support this also. Casapu’s mission to save the endangered bee populations so that we can maintain the natural equilibrium of biodiversity here on earth is supported every time a sale is made through For every piece of merchandise sold on BeeRole, Casapu has committed to donating one dollar. For each dollar donated by Casapu or individual donors, one hundred bees can be saved – and while that number may seem small, each bee’s impact is crucial to human existence.

A hive costs one hundred dollars and houses on average 100,000 bees. So one dollar saves one hundred bees. The aim is to distribute 200,000 hives to one hundred countries already feeling the effects of missing pollinators. Through this project, dire issues of food insecurity and plant health can be remedied.

Saving the bees is an issue that has the power to unify every single person on the planet as it affects each and every one of us. Casapu warns, “Living on a planet where everything is interconnected, it is easy to understand why losing our pollinators could lead to disastrous consequences.”

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