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United Against Poverty – Beautifullminds Are Looking To Bring Structured Hope To Los Angeles’ Most Underserved

It’s been a challenging time for the economy in the last year and for some households, it’s been devastating. A lack of state government solutions and help have struck the most disadvantage the hardest. Three entrepreneurs from Los Angeles are now looking to make a huge impact.

When Marco Antonio Letona founded “Beautifullminds” in june 2020, it was already predictable that plenty of industries and households would be crushed by the global pandemic and the lack of solutions of the local and state government. The ones who were hit the hardest are small businesses, American citizens and families in all suburbs, especially in Los Angeles. The successful super-entrepreneurs James Khuri and Noah Schaa joined Marco Antonio as co-founders, bringing in not only resources but an exceptional experience in supply, distribution and execution to the table.

Now with joined forces, the three have gathered a team, that is confident to “bring positive change, progression in knowledge, intellect, consciousness and love, helping push our society into a more perfectly perfect union”, as the organization’s president Marco Antonio has stated. Marco Antonio believes, “that love is the key, love is an infinite energy, that when given to one person, it creates a domino effect of endless love”. Beautifullminds will provide, educational, mental & physical health support, as well as access to science and technology, through their facilities and programs. Bringing the youth, particularly from the city’s suburbs, together and offer safe spaces for them to focus on their happiness and success, is the ultimate goal.

Besides their toy drives events, where they give away brand new toys from popular merchandises such as Pokemon, Magic, etc., Beautifullminds is looking to build lasting and growing structure that has positive impact on a multitude of issues. With facilities and gymnasiums as well as community centers, the organization is looking to introduce employment agencies to help the fight against unemployment, which holds a firm grip amongst most cities’ suburbs.

After the great success of the first two toy drives, Beautifullminds are teaming up with Diamond Supply Co, to host another toy drive on February, 27th at the Diamond Supply Co store in Los Angeles. Since the date happens to be the 25th birthday of the mega-franchise Pokémon, the group has decided to make it the theme for the day. The hot-handled merchandise has been exciting children ever since the early 2000s and Beautifullminds team will be giving out Pokémon cards to kids of all ages. For more information on the toy drive, please visit the organization’s event section on the organization’s website.

Founder Marco Antonio emphasized the importance of creating unity rather than division in tense times like these. Equal opportunities and values based on love,

compassion and intellect are what makes a country “a true example of liberty and the leader of the free world”.

Details on facilities and programs are supposed to be revealed soon, for all information visit .

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