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The Redhood is Revealed


After much anticipation by fans, the long awaited upcoming series Rise of the Hood has moved one step closer towards its scheduled release later this year. Colony Four Productions has announced that actor Jake Dorsey will star as the titular character in the TV series, alongside an ensemble cast including Ramy Youssef as Tim Drake, Jason Faunt (Power Rangers) as Batman, and William Shewfelt (Power Rangers) as Nightwing. 

Dorsey’s representatives at CK Talent Management they released the following statement: “We are honored that Colony Four has chosen Jake to play the Red Hood, to us Jake is a real hero who served his country in the Marine Corps and came back to play a superhero on screen.” – Craig Rogalski, (Jake Dorsey’s Manager). Colony Four released the following statement: “We are excited to have a charismatic and strong presence like Jake’s on set. Filming has already commenced and his performance is exceptional…The fans will truly believe he embodies the essence of the Red Hood.” – Kade Gregory, Showrunner and Producer of the Rise of the Hood

No stranger to being the hero, Dorsey served in the Marine Corp and later transitioned to an acting career that has since taken off. He has had featured appearances in The Passage (Fox), MacGyver (CBS), Tales (BET), and The Resident (Fox). Studio’s have seen his value and In this past year, Dorsey has inked not only a multi-project developmental deal with California-based studios of Alley Bread Media and Night One Productons. Jake also signed on for a three-picture deal with the east coast studio of Black Talons Entertainment where he will have leading roles in three of their upcoming projects. His most recent film, Knife in the Dark, has also recently been released in cooperation with an Atlanta studio. Dorsey is currently filming his movie Strangers in which he star in and work with award winning Producer and Director Joel Junior.

Dorsey attributes his success to his representation at CK Talent Management where his Manager Craig Rogalski and his team have cultivated and expanded his career in the industry. Under their guidance, he has become a red carpet regular appearing at several fashion weeks and movie premieres including LAFW and Miami Swim Week. He has also become a frequent collaborator working on campaigns with industry powerhouses such as Louboutin and fashion designers like Nathalia Gaviria of Beverly and Jessica King.

In a recent interview, Dorsey expressed that he feels so strongly about his current representation that with a year left on his exclusive three year contract with CK Talent Management he decided to renew for another exclusive four-year deal with the Agency. “The support and guidance I received from my representation allows me to focus on my passion for acting. This is proven by the fact of the success that under their guidance I have achieved, that being said, I renewed with them for another four years after my current contract with them expires.” – Jake Dorsey

The Red Hood will be Dorsey’s first lead role in a television series. An elusive and mysterious character, Jason Todd (AKA Red Hood) is a DC staple and fans cannot not wait to see Dorsey in the role. Social media lite up at the announcement of Dorsey assuming the role with overwhelming responses from Cosplayers and DC fans being extremely positive. Dorsey will be the first one to step into the role of the Red Hood a privilege give only to a few actors. Bringing the character to life and propelling the storyline to new heights is a huge responsibility. However, from what we have initially seen of his portrayal, he will easily join the likes of those great actors synonymous with the superheroes we love (Affleck, Pattinson, Reeve, Cavill, etc.) and we for one cannot wait! .

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