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Latundria Miller, AKA 387: The South’s Up And Coming Female Hip-Hop Artist

Coming out of Louisville, MS, Latundria Miller, also known as 387, has been pushing the boundaries of female hip-hop in the South. Paving her own way through the music industry, 387 has been a force to be reckoned with.

Musically, 387 has been recognized for her lyricism, songwriting, and production talents. So much so, that she caught the attention of Bentley Records, to whom she is now signed. 387 has performed at venues, tours, and personal bookings all over the world, and has had shows with major artists like Webbie, Fox A Million, Pastor Troy, Bobby Valentino, and Studdy Stu.

While making a name on the music side, 387 has been simultaneously making moves on the business side of the industry as well. Most notably, the artist has created her own label called 387 Entertainment, from which she’s released most of her music and miscellaneous projects. Coming soon from 387 Entertainment is the release of both a shoe line and a clothing line.

In addition to her business ventures coming to fruition, 387 also has said to have multiple new music projects in the works for 2021. You can follow 387’s journey via the links below.

Stream 387’s music on Spotify here.

Find 387 on Instagram here.

Find 387 on Twitter here.

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