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“Have a seat at a table”

We all know that the playing field is not always equal and has not always been equal.  This is especially the case when it comes to investing. There are segments of the population who are not investing in anything, not even themselves.  Yet, today I want to focus on the idea of investing in the financial arena. 

Honestly, what do you know about investing?  I hear many people talking about “Wall Street” and that those people have the inside knowledge while “we” will never be able to accumulate any wealth; “the system is rigged”.  Hearing that, seeing that – well, yes, there is a bit of specialized knowledge needed for sure.  When trusting in someone to assist with that, for example a company to help invest for your 401K or so – you need to rely on them.  You may be able to say in general terms what you want and they will explain it and then, they take care of it.  Or, you can pick from a list of investments and it’s automated.  You can also take courses on investment and …. do you have the time? 

Not to mention investing often simply means stock.  That is not very enticing when we keep seeing the numbers on Wall Street go up, and down, and up, and … it’s confusing unless you are trained in that field.

I sure never paid much attention to investing.   I have my retirement plan and such things and then I realized that maybe I can do a little.  So I got my feet wet by starting with tiny little things since the last few years has opened up applications and sites where you can invest with very little funds.  It’s a little gamble but not too much as some applications allow you to invest pennies while others have a minimum requirement of maybe $1-$5.  Those amounts are more manageable for many as it may mean a treat less.  Still – even with those investment options and the opportunity to learn and participate a little, all you have is stock.  Again, that is exciting while there is still the need to learn more and, even more importantly: put food on the table.

What we need to even the playing field is something in addition to the stock, something to sweeten the gamble. 

And that is where I met Shalini Vadhera. It is fascinating how we meet visionaries and do-ers just when we need them.  I was fortunate to meet Shalini at an event where I was facilitating a panel and, needless to say, we connected instantaneously.  Both of us are on a mission to empower women.  Both of us have been in the trenches and worked with women across the globe.  In that process Shalini, born in the U.S.A. to Indian immigrants, took the challenge her father posed when she was just 19 she became an entrepreneur with a Business degree and cunning insight into the world.  She went on to create a highly successful and celebrated company:  Passport to Beauty.  All the while she created a social platform Power Beauty Living realizing the lack of mentorship for women.  With Power Beauty Living, the Passport to Beauty, her experiences and awards – and her life-changing experience in 2014 in Arizona, she saw that a more revolutionary approach was needed to empower women. 

In the fall of 2020, when I first met her she told me about her new adventure “Ready  Jet  Set”, which she envisions as an Empowering Academy, Mentoring, and Networking place for women.  In particular for women and applicable for women across the world.   Yet, she also knew that this would be bigger; that this would be able to address the needs of girls and women globally.  The question was, how to make this venture a pathway to more equality, a pathway maybe for women to finally “have a seat at the table” and claim their power in industry and the world.  The old ways would not work for that. Instead, the answer was to launch an equity crowd funding campaign to grow the brand so that there are more opportunities for women.  This campaign has just launched and it is very different from what we usually see; just take a look: Campaign

Shalini that: “It’s time for more women to have a seat at a table and have their voice heard. I wanted to make it accessible and give women a chance to start their investor journey while joining ours to use beauty as a vehicle for change.”

Thus, the Ready Set Jet ascension globally is utilizing crowd funding PLUS empowerment of women by ensuring that investment is manageable and comes with that much needed guarantee: equity. Equity means “a set at the table” and allowing the investors – of all sizes – to be heard and have a stake in this company for the long term.  A side effect is the democratization of opportunities in investment and in global entrepreneurship, which allows these new investors to join a community that used to be highly exclusive.  Now the seat at the table in the billion dollar industry of beauty and wellness is open and ready for the taking.  The only question is: are you ready?

Are you ready for a seat at the table?
Are you ready to take charge of your financial future?
Are you ready to claim your power and have your voice be heard?

Now you have a choice and I am certain that Shalini Vadhera has just opened the door to more campaigns like this by other companies, especially those that also believe in allowing all to have “a seat at the table”

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