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Standing out for people in the war against Covid-19 are the heroic efforts of companies like Wepa Commercial Cleaning. The cleaning company is helping the city of San Diego, California, remain clean during the pandemic. Wepa has served the city with round-the-clock sanitation, cleaning, and electrostatic disinfecting services to curb the effects of COVID 19. This great initiative is led by its illustrious and enterprising owner, Francisco Rivera. He is an Iraq war veteran and a highly respected figure in society. In the social media community, he is famous as #TheCovid19Killa and #TheOnlyJanitorWithAnMBA

Having a company such as Wepa, which a nobleman in Rivera is the leader, is the best choice when choosing who to hand over the county’s health to make better. The pandemic is not quite over. A resurgence of Covid-19 is threatening countries around the world. The predicted second wave of the pandemic has turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. The battle against Covid-19 is half won. Covid-19 is still killing people in their hundreds in the US, and thousands of people are battling the infection. As health experts recommend to the populace, social distancing, wearing masks, good hygiene and electrostatic disinfecting are the weapons that can be used to fight against this pandemic. The need of the hour is a company like Wepa. Because of the undying commitment of a figure such as Rivera and their Commercial Cleaning services.

The company is even more prevalently needed because it is armed with dedication and infrastructure to defeat the persistent virus. Wepa Commercial Cleaning services spare no effort in helping San Diego get and remain clean and Covid-19 free. The organization uses the best commercial cleaning methods, powerful sanitizers, and disinfection methods like electrostatic disinfecting. All these tools and techniques are effective for use in public and private places to neutralize the virus. In its continued contribution to the County, Wepa has become so important. The trend of its importance has reached Homeland Security so much that the security agency relies on its console and defection practices.

As the inspirational leader Rivera is, he is making sure that a positive change is initiated against this pandemic’s rising curve. If anyone knows how to combat Terrorists, it is Francisco Rivera. After spending 16 years being a Combat Veteran, who participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, he is now called to fight an invisible terrorist, Covid-19. He can be trusted to deliver on this quest as he has done before. His knowledge about the nooks and crannies of the janitorial landscape knows no bound.

Francisco has expressed in running for a political office. He has shown even more interest in running for the office of the Mayor of San Diego. Now, a man who has served his country wants to serve the city he lives in. He has all the quality stacked up behind him to be the county’s knight in shining armor. One such quality is leadership. Francisco is a trailblazer of an entrepreneur. In recent times, The Alpine School District hired Francisco to train all of their custodians and staff in the proper measures of disinfecting and safety measures. You will not find a better janitorial or disinfecting company out there because Wepa is the #1 Veteran Owned and Operated Janitorial and Disinfecting Company in San Diego.


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