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An alternative revenue source of income through spaces amidst the pandemic

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2020 has been a challenging year for many with the on-going corona virus. 

Coupled with government regulations, hotels, Airbnb and rental companies have been hit by the devastating ripple effect. Filmplace is one of them. 

Filmplace, a Singapore based company that has now established itself in several countries, was founded by 27-year-old homegrown filmmaker, Lincoln Lin. It is a global platform that allows homeowners to monetize their homes or spaces by renting it out as filming locations.

“With Filmplace, the production companies can book venues for a few hours or even minutes within their fingertips and there is transparent pricing that is negotiable. In addition to that, there are fresh locations daily that these companies can choose from” said the founder in an interview. 

Despite 2020 being a challenging year, Filmplace community has attracted over 1700 users, and more than 500 locations globally listed. 

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Founder and CEO of Filmplace, Lincoln Lin, who directed and shot multiple commercials and films over 10 countries across his 8-year career in the media and film industry, identifies an underlying problem almost every producer would encounter.

When it comes to sourcing of location, be it a run-down toilet or a bungalow with swimming pool in it, filmmakers without an extensive network of connection or lack the resources to hire a location manager would face such issues. 

This inspires him to develop an efficient and secured platform, lifting off some of the burden for production companies.

“Currently, production companies need to hire a location manager which costs $300-$500 per day to nail down a couple of locations. The companies will then need to receive the locations, so it is very labour intensive and manual,” added Lincoln in a recent statement.

Traditionally, it takes an average of 4 – 7 days for location manager to scout for a location with no fixed price. Moreover, outdated catalogues and multiple risk such as unsecured payment transactions, can make things more complicated.

To develop an efficient and secured platform for both hosts and users, multiple protection features such as inbuilt dispute management, facilitation of online payment transactions, have been integrated for users.

Not succumbing to the worldwide pandemic situation, Filmplace has taken a bold leap and expanded into 4 markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Korea, during this period. Lin upcoming plans is to establish a base in the US and UK market by end 2021.

To facilitate a smoother communication, Filmplace will be rolling out a mobile app version of its platform in the later quarter of the year. Find more details at 

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