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Catching up with Charlie Hatney’s New Book

Charlie Hatney, Executive Chef, Owner of catering business Hatney & Company, CEO of local nonprofit Mae Homeless Initiative, Board Director of American Culinary Federation, devoted husband, loving father and a friend to all, now presents this cookbook.

Charlie has held several positions in food service. Starting out as a dishwasher and busboy, to a waiter then a cook, and later became an Executive Chef at the age of 28. Under the supervision of Chef Darryl Evans, he became a Certified Executive Chef. Charlie later hosted a scholarship dinner in honor of Chef Darryl Evans. Charlie was a chef for the reelection dinner, hosted by Tyler Perry, for former President Barack Obama and was a chef for No Kid Hungry Give Me Five Dinner. He has served on the board of culinary Rockdale Academy in Georgia and ran a food service program for four months on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Charlie has started 3 restaurants, and is now the owner of the successful Hatney & Company. Charlie has been a part of many projects, holding several positions however, what he is most proud of is raising a family with his beautiful wife Angela.

Charlie is a young man who has humbly overcome adversity. Charlie, raised by single mother, was exposed to a number of experiences that would drive him towards his love of the culinary arts. One of his earliest memories was his introduction to Farm to Table. His mother, Johnie Mae Hatney, would prepare meals from scratch made from foods grown right in her backyard. Her mother, Ruth, raised chickens, pigs, and ducks. They ate fresh the eggs gathered from the chicken coop and fish caught at the nearby ponds. His Grandmother Grace, baked cakes from scratch, including Charlie’s favorite upside-down pineapple cake. His Grandfather George Traylor taught him how to harvest potatoes and corn and how to catch, clean and cook fish.

As you can see, Charlie Hatney knows food! This cookbook is full of decadent recipes, sure to make your mouth water, and bring a tear to your eye. No matter your culinary experience, or lack thereof, Charlie’s cookbook is guaranteed to make anyone an expert in their own kitchen.

Valyn Reed, MS, CLC (Nutritionist)

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