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Professor Gupta launches ‘What is Present Reality’, a book that provides a new look on modern science and metaphysics

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What is Present Reality – Power of Managing the Limit of Science, the second book in the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature series, offers a revolutionary approach to understanding reality. In this next installment, Vipin Gupta, Professor at California State University San Bernardino, builds upon the first, What is Divine Energy, by integrating scientific and metascientific disciplines with a management approach.  

In What is Present Reality, Dr. Gupta challenges existing research and encourages readers to look beyond deified thinkers who provided only a limited glimpse into the true valuation of energy. Instead of accepting old research, Dr. Gupta investigates a range of methods for valuing energy, including those based on dynamic cause, consequential reality, and a broad variety of other paradigms.

Take, for instance, the question of what is quark and how is it formed? Professor Gupta shows that a quark materializes the metaphysical consciousness of togetherness (up quark), otherness (down quark), attraction (charm quark), repulsion (strange quark), growth (truth quark), and entropy (beauty quark) within the theoretical present or, the idealized future. The consciousness within the bounds of the theorized conception of the present is double negative; it is scripted in the past and experienced in the present. The limitless consciousness of the idealized future is positive; it is the projection of the sentient entity’s reality into the future universe. The present quark has a -2/3 charge, because the entity perceives the past global evolutionary effects and the present local theorized form as negative, wishing change. The futuristic, potential quark has a +1/3 charge.  The entity equilibrates by idealizing itself as the cleansing spirit, carrying 1/3 charge, self-reproducing itself in oneness with the three time dimensions.

The present quark weakens and transforms the consciousness of togetherness, attraction, and growth with the present from the negative to the positive, by shaping the present at the future moment. Therefore, scientifically, up, charm, and truth quarks have +2/3 charge. The potential quark strengthens and forms the consciousness of otherness, repulsion, and entropy of that transformed present, motivating one to keep shaping the present at the present moment as well. Therefore, scientifically, down, strange, and beauty quarks have -1/3 charge.

Professor Gupta’s research shows that technologically a quark is a group of four atoms entangled together by a reproducing unit of gravitational energy. Three of the atoms reproduce the fourth atom’s reproductive energy to attract an octave of atoms. A unit of the gravitational energy comprises an octave of atoms. The whole group of twelve atoms, entangled by a reproducing unit of the octave of atoms, constitute a nineteen-unit atom. The group of twelve atoms includes an epigenetic atom, which programs the reproductive, gravitational energy, with its gravitational force. That epigenetic atom is immanent within the nineteen-unit inanimate atom. By trading the nineteen-unit energy from the atom, it transforms into a nineteen-unit animate cell.  

What is Present Reality will resonate with open-minded readers who wish to know the actual truth, not just the one pushed by modern academics. Dr. Gupta’s illuminating text can serve as a guide to achieving oneness with Mother Nature and discovering a more defined perspective on beauty, reality, and truth.

Early reviewers praise Dr. Gupta’s book as a life-changing work and a significant contribution to modern science. Atrayee Bhattacharya @Criticspace Journals notes, “One can find the author bringing in cohesion between thermodynamics, theory of relativity and quantum studies within our daily life activities.” Susan Violante @Reader Views observes, “What is Present Reality” by Vipin Gupta is a well-written must read for people who wonder about where they are in their life today and where they want to be tomorrow, because by understanding how present reality comes to be, they will uncover how to manifest the desired future instead of a future created and molded by their ancestors’ energies.” 

By helping others understand the metaphysical foundations of human behavior, What is Present Reality is an invaluable resource that promotes leadership, unity, and the importance of questioning the official academic narrative of what is possible in modern times.

What is Present Reality – Power of Managing the Limit of Science, the second installment of a planned twelve-book series is available for purchase on Amazon at or wherever books are sold.

Dr. Vipin Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He can be found online at or on LinkedIn at

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