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Journey To The Fountain of You Becomes Best-Seller

Leath Eaton’s Journey to The Fountain of You has now become a two-time bestseller both with Amazon and the Los Angeles Tribune.

Searching for life’s fulfillment? Want more energy and joy?

Looking good, feeling great and thinking clearly are just a few of the things this book provides real word solutions for. Welcome to the Journey to the Fountain Of You™ where the high quality of your life leaps off the pages.

This book shows you how to…
1. Discover longer lasting energy
2. Obtain more vibrant health
3. Experience better memory
4. Have better quality sleep
5. Obtain and maintain fitness
6. Strengthen your mind and body
7. Increase your endurance
And More!

This isn’t about looking good for your age rather this is about looking good and feeling good at any age. Living longer is good, however living your best is even better!

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