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Brooklyn Musical Artist and Songwriter Al Jetson is known for his ability to write Hip Hop, RNB, and Pop hit songs with a storytelling specialty. He has been chosen as the Los Angeles Tribune Artist of the Week for his cinematic and comical music videos that unravel common relationship problems with a sprinkle of exaggeration and humor. 

Al Jetson’s new music video Sin City released on Valentine’s day. The video features his character Blacc Hefner as usual. The song is more of an intro or interlude and is presented as the next episode of a now growing series. His past videos have played off women’s attraction to toxicity and Sin City ties right in. Long story short, Blacc Hefner gets into an altercation with his significant other and “accidentally” kills her creating a turning point in the series. The video turning dark is not a great way to celebrate Valentine’s day but is relatable in many ways. 


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Sin City Casting Credits

Blacc Hefner was played by: AL Jetson

Keyshia Williams was played by: Yasmine Sinclaire

Lyrics was done by: AL Jetson and Mason Blu

Voice was done by: Mason Blu

Cover Art: Amanda Maitan

Blacc Hefner Logo Design: Mac West

Music Production: Everett Saint

Music Video was Shot by: Malachai Miles and Quintin Adams from IFocus Digital Media Group

Sin City is Al Jetson’s third music video release in the month. It is the follow up to his previously released video Better Off featuring Dylan Reese which has a storyline centered around a girl who is stuck on her ex-boyfriend that is clearly unhealthy. This fits the developing storyline and relates to the video for single Alcohol You Later which released just over a month ago. A catchy song that goes like “Al cohol you later. I drank too many.  What’s in your cup? I had some henny” as a response to a California girl wanting to vent about her ex on his birthday.

These songs are based on nonfiction and fictional stories that intend to help you cope with past situations in life, and also give you a chuckle. He labels his music as the voice of the mute and wants his songs to make others feel that they are not alone with what they are going through.  

Follow Al Jetson’s Instagram Page and turn on notifications to be the first to know when a new videos release! The artist has been pushing out consistent visuals and’s quickly expanding his following and industry reach… With an Al Jetson x Lil B the Base God collab expected early this summer, he is certainly an artist worth noting.



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