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How did Gresham international conquer the cryptocurrency compliance market in the southern California area?

As much challenging cryptocurrencies are, yet they are the most promising leap in the market. Many companies have gone all crypto, cryptocurrency based startups have been established all over the world. And governments are trying to keep up. With this comes the need for trustful consultancy, legal and regulatory maintenance services, and building worldwide connections.

Gresham International comes to the rescue. And more.

Los Angeles has one of the fastest growing and biggest blockchain companies and cryptocurrency scenes in the world. And the greater number of them benefits from Gresham international and its unmatched services, as it is the largest independent crypto only law firm in the world.

Gresham international provides A to Z unique and custom services to innovative companies and startups. From crypto raise for companies that seek funds through an initial exchange or initial coin offering -which is the ideal fund for exciting projects- and development of strategies and reports, to continuous support and monitoring compliance. As well as working with companies to issue security token offering, guaranteeing companies that use GreshExtm patented system to sell paper and digital shares with the same digital registry.

As the market is shifting to tokenization, Gresham international is leading in tokenized assets services. It provides help with creation and managing of tokenized assets. Also helping cryptocurrency ventures fundraise without violating regulations and allow investors to convert their cash into equity by creating SAFT/SAFE agreements applicable in many locations.

Even though the cryptocurrency market is legally compromised and faces many restrictions, Gresham international is working with government agencies like SEC, the FCA, and FINMA to ensure total compliance to our clients. It also excels in obtaining licenses for exchange in crypto or financial regulated locations. Moreover it creates legal documentation from sales terms to website policies and user agreements.

Not only Gresham international help currency providers but also support companies that work in mining, investment funds, crypto media, crypto financial groups and more.

All of these services and more are carried out by a group of top level legal and financial professional experts and led by managing associate Cal Evans who is world top rated financial, legal, and technological expert. Having consulted with many countries like Dubai, Albania, and Malta and the bank of England and much more astonishing experiences, Cal and his team was nominated compliance firm of the year 2018 IBlockchain Summit China, and was able to establish themselves as market leaders in Los Angeles and further away.

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