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Catching up with the remarkable Odusola


Odusola is an Award-winning intuitive Author, a respected Spiritual Leader, Teacher, and Life Coach who specializes in short films, personal growth, divine music, spiritual enlightenment coaching, innovative online courses, spiritual healing products and services and she has been doing this for over twenty years.

She was led by the divine to write her first book, and she had never read or studied spirituality in her life. But she later recognized she has been a very divine, spiritual person within since the young age of SIX, and she did not even know it. She did not know at the time that she had access to and attained almost all of what the whole spiritual Community was seeking.

Known also as Talitha D. Prophet, Odusola has intuitive, clairvoyant powers that empower her divine prophecies. We are calling her the beautiful infinite Goddess, and she expects world changing events. She is best known for her works;

  • R & B Single “Maya”

Many have reported a sense of divine healing frequencies from her services and her sought after Community of Secret to Mastery platform (Odusola LLC). She has inspired many people worldwide to recognize their innermost potential earning life-transforming results.

She will be sharing with us today a lot of the important information that we all need to know so we can obtain the solution that we need.


Hi Odusola.

Welcome to the show, how are you doing today?


I am wonderful and you?


or should I say Talitha D. Prophet?


Odusola is fine


I saw the reviews from different people indicating that your works, voice, music & your presence, physically or remotely blessed them. That is very harmonious.

The single “Maya” on your Soundtrack From your short film I Am Vision Creator Part 1 The Ego The song “Maya” Artist Name Tru Goddezz of all the music that’s in the world is probably the first time I’ve listened to a new genre like conscious pop

I am honored to have the opportunity to learn more about this genre of your spiritual works, your short film, musical concepts, and upcoming projects. I approve of someone creating music with such a positive desire of healing and helping others. I know you mention in an interview you did on Atlanta GA Kiss 104.1fm Radio Show that your book included principles to retrain the subconscious mind. At what moment in your life did you decide you wanted to include healing frequencies within your music?


I’ve often felt a strong calling to be of service to humankind in some capacity assisting individuals evolve into their authentic selves to experience more inner peace, God’s Unconditional Love in oneness, Spiritual Ascension in this life and lifetimes. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Right.

I was Guided to create the I Am vision Creator System and Short film along with healing conscious music to demonstrate that calling in truth.

Now as far as The Musical Concepts, I decided to include mind training healing frequencies in my works within the last 2 years. They are designed to program and heal subconscious blocks, awaken the consciousness, connect on an inner level, and have fun all at the same time. hahaha


By the way I love your film cover. It is one of a kind – very unique and it looks like it may have subliminal messages on the cover. It is like I feel a very good vibration within myself from looking at it. Can you also share with the listeners the symbolic meaning to some of the song lyrics in the song Maya?


Haha. Thank you. That is the intent for my film cover. Yes, it does have messages that only your higher self can understand. As well as healing codes. Your subconscious mind is communicating with it right now. Ha ha ha

As far as the song Maya goes, I did not plan to do that song. I just did it out of nowhere. Off the top of my head to be honest. Then I thought to myself that I will add it to my short film with all its imperfections and perfections. Spirit uses music to deliver messages all the time. 

So now I guess I will go ahead and break down the meaning of some of the lyrics. 

Let Go. That means letting go of attachments to the ego thought system that are keeping you stuck right now i.e The wages of sin

Let Go. Means Unifying in Oneness with The I Am Impersonal i.e God mankind and all creation.

Here We Go. Means we have made a choice to unify with the source of this timeless / formless moment of oneness. That is God’s unconditional Love and Truth and so Transcending to The Holy Kingdom. If you look closely at My I AM VISION CREATOR cover it reveals where such a holy state exists.

That ain’t who you are. I will discuss that later in this interview. 

Maya” Watch the short film to learn more about that particular meaning. 


How did it all begin? What motivated you? Tell us about that.


Sure. I will be more than happy to share that with you. For as long as I can remember I just ‘knew things’, I felt things, I would have different spiritual experiences. I sensed things about people and how things would work out.

I did not learn this gift held so many different titles and labels until many years later. This was normal for me.

It began for me by following God’s divine inner guidance. After spending moments of following that divine inner guidance and invoking the inner knowing within me, I began to realize that there was something more that I should be doing from within my experience.

And you asked me what motivated me. I have always had a natural interest in inspiring and helping people ever since I was a kid.

Upon following the divine with blind faith, I started seeing like – I guess what most people would call the (pause) impossible happening out of traumatic life events. That could only be done from a higher power, beyond man beyond human conception.

Upon listening to this inner knowing I begin to trust in it more and more. I then made a conscious decision to incorporate these spiritual disciplines into my life for many years. So, I knew I could go to this place within at any time.


What happened next?


I started giving insights to a small circle of individuals much older than me.

They would ask me for advice, so I’ll offer options and choices.

They would later come back to me and say things like “You saved my life, you are spiritually gifted” or “You don’t understand you were right” or ”that was my late father”, and so on and so forth.


Tell us about the businessman that would ask you to listen in on their business calls. 


This one individual would call their talent agent for a Fortune 100 print magazines company. They would ask what I was picking up from their boss.

After the call ended, I would give them my honest feedback. And they would be wowed. They would be like “oh my gosh you’re spot on.”


So being that you were so young, I take it you were not aware of the title/term readings at the time.


No – ha ha ha – Not at all 

So, what happened after that?

They all seem to have received remarkable results. After that I was led by the divine to write a spiritual self-help book which was published on major platforms. 


And that’s now been over twenty years since you wrote the spiritual self-help book, right?



And before we continue, I’d like to say to the listeners to keep in mind that

I am attempting to use words to describe a realm of existence which is beyond words. Beyond form.

I will do my best.

You can keep your distance, fool around with the concepts in your mind, agree or disagree. The mind that is listening will often question anything that appears to be unfamiliar, foreign or unknown. Your Higher Self already knows. All I ask that you do is keep an open mind as you listen to awaken you to truth. With that said, I would like to do two quick exercises with everyone if that’s ok.

(Visit website to listen to full interview)


In one part of your film “I Am Vision Creator Part 1 The Ego” you talked about the ego mind and people going to this mind trying to manipulate it to create through different escapism or whatever, the escapism they can attach to it. Can you tell us about that using the steps from your “I Am Vision Creator Diagram?”


Sure, as shown here on the I AM VISION CREATOR DIAGRAM CHART 1, you have been identifying yourself to your attachments. Every time we operate from this mindset, we see the world in judgement as right, wrong, good or bad so on and so forth. As you can see on the diagram there is no present moment here. And you fear the unknown. You attach yourself to the ego’s limited belief system because you were conditioned from birth for people to think in a logical way and rational way.

Therefore, you cannot go to this mind trying to manipulate it or to create. Here Christ consciousness or becoming one with your higher self is difficult to attain because you are trying to do it from the low level – 1b on my diagram -and it does not exist here as you can see. This is the mask of individual personality that blocks you from having your direct inner experience with the divine mind.

It is because of our ego that we get the perception of separation from God, the universe, and other beings. Also, this separation is the root cause of all sufferings in the world.

What if we were living in a gigantic hologram?

I am about to tell you something that it may be hard for some to wrap their mind around, however it is the truth. I come to give you what is true.

Most souls often forget their perfect and divine identities. You are perfection within. A Co-creator. To help you unleash the divine light within you, there are some valuable things that you will discover about yourself in my short film “I AM VISION CREATOR PART 1 THE EGO” and “MAYA THE ILLUSIONARY WORLD OF SELF”.

Spiritual energy is not limited by time and space.


One unique thing that I notice about your works is that people of different faiths that attend different organizations apply your works and have received great results. What would you say is the reason certain people that attend organizations have so much resistance towards spiritual principles? Is there any way you can explain this using your I AM VISION CREATOR DIAGRAM?

Visit ( website to listen to the Q&A for this part of the interview)


Odusola, you also mention in your I AM VISION CREATOR film that a lot of people are applying lesser laws that are mainstream and that is one of the reasons why people are still stuck waiting for something to happen and it does not. It only happens for some. Can you touch on the law in your system and why it works and what people need to start doing?


Yes, sure I will be more than happy to share that with you one of the laws in my system is the Law of Extent. Which operates from truth. The Supreme being is the creator; we are an extension of that force. Again, we are Co-creators. And you are like luminosity of light shining outwardly.

Here you can then tap into the law of grace which resolves karma and creates miracles.

Why it works is because it extends from your inner self and not from the LOW-LEVEL 1b of the Ego on my map.

You cannot look for an external solution for internal problems.

Know what path you should be following. Truth. Follow your destiny to avoid pitfalls. Use truth while on your journey but stay in the present in the process. Most of the time people are never in the present. They are thinking about what happened last week or what they are going to do tomorrow or later today and so forth. This is the exact same thing I was telling people in 2010. In this mind of judgement and dualistic thinking, it projects everything unto the world and becoming one with your higher self is difficult to attain here.

Vibrating from the law of extent which activates the law of grace will enable your wheel to start circulating and thus things will begin to show up in your waking life which is the physical plane on my I AM VISION CREATOR Oracle.

To answer your next question – What people need to start doing is;

  • Spending some quiet moments to meditate and pray is a good way to start the process of being spiritually connected.
  • Spending moments interacting with likeminded people. This is not only healthy but also builds relationships that can give positive mental and physical reinforcements.
  • Having alone time is another particularly important factor to working towards spiritual connection. Taking this present to reboot and reflect is beneficial to both body and mind.
  • Set aside time to learn new things.
  • Stop wishing for something to happen. If you really desire something, turn that desire into passion and get hold of what you want.
  • Have you felt like you should move to a different city?
  • What about starting a business?
  • You may have had the feeling of leaving that toxic situation.
  • Maybe change your career?
  • Perhaps you have felt you should bid on a new job.
  • Invest in your talent.
  • Work with kids.
  • Change your eating habits.
  • May be let go of the temptation of anger.

OR whatever it MAY BE.

What’s stopping you?

Turning your desires into passions means recognizing that resistance will continue to come up, but at every moment, we can choose to move ahead even when things feel rigid. It is ok to start small. A little gain in each moment is better than none.

When you love what you do, you will passionately do your work and everything else will fall into place.

Growth, knowledge, and wisdom never ends for those people who have the passion to continue learning.

Make it a habit to be thankful for everything that you have great or small. Let your gratitude be heard so that blessings can overflow.


Thank you for that powerful message. It is said that people following your system as well as your digital healing codes works 100% of the time. I see people have reported a change in their wellbeing. One of your clients said it brought them money. Another review said they overcame depression and there are so many more good testimonials.

Is there a way that our listeners’ can receive access to your healing codes?

I saw in your film that what it looks like to me is some people might even experience some sort of internal mind control and that may even cause a lot of problems.


You are welcome.

Sure, I was divinely guided about four years ago to share with mankind that the enemy adversary in this life will attack you in your mind. With that said some people will be attacked by lower entities etc.

Basically, when you actively invest your attention into thoughts, they begin to seem real. The subconscious mind does not know what is real and what is imagined, so when we engage with specific thoughts, we begin to feel the emotions that were triggered by these thoughts – we enter a new emotional state which then influences how we act.

For example, if you often engage with the thought that you are worthless and feed more attention to it, you will start to feel down, worthless, discouraged and perhaps even depressed. Now you are operating off a lower vibrational energy which in return makes easy access for lower entities to enter. Now these thoughts crystallize and take form in your waking life. They show up as several different imbalances ie depression, sickness, failures etc.

Now a lot of people will begin to have thoughts that are not even theirs. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS – so my digital healer you were referring to is called MANDALA DIGITAL HEALER and is in my sacred short film which is divinely attuned with powerful vibrational subliminal binary codes that you can use anytime to help reprogram and encode your subconscious mind.


How long would you recommend people to watch the Mandala Digital Healing Code? The review I read of the person achieving financial success said it worked instantly for them?


And to answer your question. Yes, it could happen instantly once applied.

We are in a new age now so a lot of people will be creating more money digitally, some will subconsciously begin to have powerful abilities. A lot of you will begin to show interest in spiritual concepts of truth like these.

I say unto you protect your mind and protect your DNA. It is very very serious and crucial to do that now.

And to answer your question I recommend watching and listening to the “Mandala Digital Code” for a minimum of 90 days.

it takes an average of 66 days to reprogram the subconscious mind with intentional effort utilizing mind programming tools. Your Higher Self is already aware of this. This will help to program and release subconscious.

Interviewer personal remarks


You are also a prophetess and I saw in a news article that you are said to have foreseen events such as the pandemic, UFO’s, weather conditions, losses, among other world changing events. You reveal these valuable insights in your short film. I also saw in one of your prophecies an image of a hotel with a red x on and a storm background with hurricane symbols. I am looking at your forecast before this happened, and I am looking at the actual event of it happening later. It looks like there was a related death due to the hurricane. Odusola, you have a gift as a prophetess. I think that it is a lifesaving talent. Do you feel like these different forecasts can warn and help people?


Absolutely, I do feel like these different forecasts can warn and possibly help people. The red x on the hotel hurricane warning was my way of telling people to stay away.

With that said, everyone has a begin date and the end date, that is some people have karmic debt. However, some have transitioned over prematurely due to being out of alignment with their destiny. So that is why it’s good to stay in alignment with your destiny. Know what path you should be following and stay informed about what’s going on.

(To receive more in-depth info for this part of the Interview visit and watch the film “I AM VISION CREATOR PART 1 THE EGO” and “MAYA THE ILLUSIONARY WORLD OF SELF”)


✴️Odusola I’d like to ask you one last question: Why do you feel great masters come to live here on earth? Masters like even yourself..


They come to help us realise individually that what we are seeking is within.

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