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Zkittlez x Seven Leaves: Cannabis Collaboration to Bring 5 New Strains to Dispensaries

New in the cannabis industry: two long-time California cannabis greats Zkittlez and Seven Leaves, have joined forces to create five brand new strains of cannabis for the California market.

Zkittlez has proven itself as a leading cannabis brand throughout the years, winning over 90 awards in the process. Founded and operated by award-winning breeders, Zkittlez has remained at the top and is looking to expand its catalog with its collaboration with Seven Leaves. Zkittlez has popularized exotic strains of cannabis and has become famous for its diverse and unique terpene profiles, making fans of the brand anticipate new strain releases highly.

Zkittlez’s internationally renowned strains, in collaboration with Seven Leaves’ state-of-the-art premier indoor cultivation and growing operations, is a recipe for gold. The cannabis duo plan to release a total of five strains into the California cannabis market – the first of which, “ZRUNTZ,” has already been debuted to excellent reviews. Selling out in most locations rapidly, “ZRUNTZ” has seen wide praise across reviews and videos online.

With more to come out of the collaboration, Zkittlez x Seven Leaves strains are sure to keep flying off the shelves as they debut. The companies are watching consumer reports closely to make sure they get their already-positive releases absolutely perfect. California consumers can be on the lookout for the new strains to release soon.

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